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  • 19-Apr-2017 to 18-May-2017
  • - Indy Pride, Inc.
  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Full Time

Indy Pride, Inc., Central Indiana's largest LGBTQ+ nonprofit organization, is currently searching for its first Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for the planning, management, and execution of all Indy Pride activities and events. This includes the organization's overall operations, sponsorship/donor activities, vendor relations, volunteer/community relations, festival execution, etc. This position reports to the Board of Directors, and will be directly supervised by the President of the Board. 

Essential Functions
Business Operations
• Conduct and manage the contract and procurement lifecycle for those services and/or goods that Indy Pride needs in order to meet operational needs; adhere to budgetary guidelines and limits with regard to contract rates, purchase thresholds, and terms; adhere to organizational policies and procedures with regard to agreement terms, conditions, and execution.
• Solicit, negotiate, monitor, and verify contracts and other agreements with vendors, vendors, services firms, and government agencies that are necessary to meet the operational and programming needs of the organization.
• Complete all contract requests, per the Board of Directors' guidelines and the organizations operating policies and procedures, within five (5) business days.
• Perform/manage administrative duties in support of the organization to include maintaining a clean, professional office space, retrieving items from the central post office box facility in a timely manner, and responding to voicemail, email, and fax systems in a timely manner.
• Collaboratively work with, and provide oversight, direction, and management of any contract staff.
• Understand, learn, and leverage all of the technologies that Indy Pride utilizes; train others as needed; and work with the IT vendor to keep the website up-to-date; learn and utilize existing tools, as well as the identification, evaluation, and potential deployment of new tools to support the organization's mission.
• Comply with all organizational policies, procedures, directives, and standard operating procedures, to include all those currently in effect and any and all future policies adopted by the organization.
• Define and manage the Request for Proposal ("RFP") process for those services and goods that Indy Pride wishes to procure and utilize an RFP process for to include the entire lifecycle of the process (developing the RFP, obtaining solicitations, managing solicitation inquiries, and selection of the provider(s) for the respective services).
• Partner with the director of marketing and social media/marketing vendor to develop, support, and execute effective marketing, branding, and social media strategies

Financial Management
• Work pro-actively with the organization's treasurer/financial services firm to support all financial and accounting functions, including accounts payable/receivable and those necessary for auditing, budgeting and financial analysis, in accordance with all organizational policies and procedures. 
• In conjunction with the organization's financial services firm, ensure approval and payment of all invoices, in accordance with organizational policies and procedures; collect all funds, fees, and/or accounts-due.

Public/Sponsor Relations
• Serve as the primary official public spokesperson for Indy Pride in media outlets and in the community; respond to all media requests within 48 hours of request; approve all media releases and web content within 48 hours of receipt.
• Reach out and establish and/or continue to manage relationships with key stakeholders, including, but not limited to, representatives from community/partner/sponsor organizations, municipal LGBT representatives, local LGBT media outlets, and the Board of Directors.
• Develop and manage relationships with community leaders and other community organizations, and to continue to build the number of community partners; oversee recruitment of organizations to serve as community partners; survey community partners to determine their level of satisfaction and value received from the partnership, and report findings to the Board of Directors.
• Oversee and direct fundraising activities; utilize community relationships/partnerships to solicit donors and funding.
• Attend all Board meetings and provide written updates (three days prior to meetings) on status of Indy Pride programming, activities, and operations.
• Attend all official Indy Pride events, including but not limited to, special events and meetings.

Festival Planning and Execution
• Partner with the Board to identify a festival director; oversee and manage the entire festival planning and execution lifecycle, including, but not limited to, identification and management of festival chairs, planning and oversight of all off-cycle events (off-cycle events are all events that occur outside of the main celebration week, including, but not limited to, outreach, education, fundraisers, etc.), oversee and manage all necessary logistical and fiscal requirements associated with the planning and execution of the celebration and all off-cycle events, etc.
• Partner with the festival director to maintain coordination and management of festival planning committee; develop a programming schedule for the festival director's period of performance, and plan key milestone dates and activities; ensure completion of any tasks assigned to festival director within time frame of the scope of work.
• Work with a volunteer planning committee to plan and execute Indy Pride events and activities in accordance with all organizational policies/procedures/budgetary guidelines; identify, recruit, organize, and retain volunteers to support the planning and fulfillment needs of Indy Pride.
• Attend festival planning committee meetings and follow-up on tasks and requests from committee chairs within five (5) business days.
• Manage and oversee the procurement of all applicable permits, licenses, and vendors required to hold Indy Pride events; directly supervise Indy Pride's festival director, including review of weekly scope of work and priorities, monthly invoices, status reports, and all deliverables and products included in scope of work.
• Accurately maintain database (spreadsheet, data file, calendar, or similar) of all events and activities, and associated information.

• Bachelor's degree in business administration, nonprofit management, public affairs, or related field required.
• Minimum of three years of experience working with community-based organizations centered around membership and volunteerism.
• Experience working in a nonprofit setting with a direct report relationship to a Board of Directors highly preferred.
• Deep knowledge of and commitment to the Indy metro LGBT community.
• Ability to work effectively and collaborate with all segments of the LGBT community and allies, including community partner organizations and volunteers.
• Willingness to take a hands-on role to do the essential tasks required to ensure a successful Indy Pride festival.
• Strong analytical, contracting, and negotiation skills.
• Strong verbal/written communication and interpersonal skills.
• Strong ability to focus on details, handle multiple tasks, and remain highly organized in a fast-paced environment.
• Ability to make recommendations to effectively solve problems, using judgment consistent with standards, practices, policies, and procedures.
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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