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  • 24-Jul-2017 to 22-Aug-2017
  • - Brookside Community Church
  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Full Time


The primary role of the Community School Coordinator is to facilitate the process of creating a learning environment that supports increased student academic success.  This entails working in concert with the building principal, Brookside Community Development Corporation, and a school-community team at Brookside Elementary (IPS 54). 


Service and Resource Coordination

  • Guide providers and community partners in aligning their services and resources with identified student needs, the school's curriculum and the Conditions for Learning. 
  • Develop, monitor and maintain a schedule of programs and services that are offered to children and families. 
  • Coordinate volunteer tutors and mentors and their activities with children.
  • Coordinate the use of space for student, family and community events as well as space for service providers and community partners. 
  • Conduct a regular assessment of student/family needs that includes input from parents, students, school staff and teachers.
  • Assist in the oversight of the after-school programs including the recruitment and retention of students placed in programs.
  • Maintain a process for making and tracking referrals to children and families to programs and services.
  • Facilitate cross-referral of students and families between service providers. 
  • Serve as point person for all outside services.

Partnership Development

  • Identify and recruit people and organizations that are willing to offer programs and services to students and their families. 
  • Develop relationships with community partners that are willing to serve as volunteers in the school to meet the identified needs of children and families. 
  • Negotiate agreements with people and organizations that provide programs and services. 

School-Community Team

  • Organize and staff a school-community team that includes principal, school staff, teachers, providers, partners, parents and members of the community. 
  • Involve team members in making decisions about meeting identified needs and coordinating their efforts. 
  • Ensure that the team meets regularly.
  • Train and orient new members of the school-community team. 
  • Provide technical assistance and training to promote community school model.

Community Relations

  • Serve as the school liaison to parents, neighbors, community partners, businesses, faith-based entities, and service providers.
  • Strategically serve on school and community committees with community members, parents and service providers. 

Parent Engagement and Support

  • Develop relationships with parents and involve them in conversations that will allow parents to reveal their own unique gifts.
  • Support the parent engagement strategies and activities of the school, especially through collaboration with the Parent Involvement Educator. 


  • Facilitate communications between the principal, school staff, parents, teachers and service providers. 
  • Coordinate communications for school/community activities. 
  • Serve as the liaison from the school to Brookside Community Development Corporation

Curriculum and Academic Goals

  • Learn and understand the curriculum of the school and the academic achievement goals set by the school.
  • Communicate the curriculum and academic goals to program and service providers. 

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Collect information about community partners, their resources and their alignment. 
  • Collect information about parent engagement in the school. 
  • Collect and store academic and behavioral data on students participating in specific afterschool programs.


  • Assist school staff, service providers and community partners in resolving issues related to service delivery, access and coordination. 

The preceding essential function statements are not intended to be an exhaustive list of tasks and functions for this position. Other tasks and functions may be assigned as needed to fulfill the mission of the organization.


  • Bachelor degree required in education, social services, or related field
  • One to three years of experience with brokering resources and services
  • Knowledge of the Near Eastside neighborhoods and available resources
    • Experience and ability in working with a diverse population
    • Understanding of the concept of team as it relates to the operating philosophy of the community school
    • Ability to effectively manage a high volume of work and meet deadlines with minimal supervision
    • Willingness and ability to work some weekend and/or evening hours
    • Ability to use computer resources, Internet, and standard office equipment
    • Ability to address client's needs promptly
    • Willingness to attend training
    • Ability to maintain and respect the confidentiality of client information

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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