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  • - Indianapolis Urban League
  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
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Organization and Program Overview:
Centers for Working Families (CWF) help low to moderate income families boost earnings, reduce expenses, and make appropriate financial decisions that lead to asset building through an integrated service model approach.  The centers provide individuals and families with services across three critical and interconnected areas: employment services, financial coaching and access to income supports.

Position Description:
The financial coach provides direct services to low to moderate-income individuals who are enrolled as CWF participants.  Financial coaching involve an ability to engage and motivate clients, a strong understanding of personal finances, and the ability to teach that knowledge to others.  The financial coach is responsible for assisting clients in developing plans of action that are intended to help the client reach their goals and achieve financial stability.  The financial coach is expected to focus services in a one on one counseling format.  However, the coach might also conduct classes and workshops on topics such as budgeting, credit building, and banking products.

The financial coach will work with the employment coaches and income supports coaches to ensure that the client is getting assistance across these three major service areas.  The financial coach reports directly to the CWF Program Director

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Provide one on one financial counseling/coaching
 o Teach clients about the value of their services and engage the client in a long-term relationship
 o Assist clients in resolving current financial situations, while providing a wide lens on their financial health to shift the approach to proactive financial management
 o Work with clients to complete a very detailed financial assessment
  > Work with the client to document a budget and provide strategies for budget improvements
  > Access the clients credit report/score and provide strategies for credit building
  > Document the client's balance sheet and provide strategies for increasing net worth
 o Develop plans of actions and provide tools, resources, and accountability to the client to help them meet their goals
 o Understand other services offered by the agency, such as employment services and income supports counseling, and connect the clients to these other services
• Outcome tracking'track the stories and successes of program participants
 o Use Efforts to Outcome (ETO), a client management system, to document and reflect the outcome of their clients accurately and in a timely manner
 o Working with the entire CWF team to ensure that any changes to the client's financial standing (new job, new benefit, change in credit score) is properly documented
• The financial coach may conduct or facilitate workshops as a means of outreach and education
 o The classes may be part of a larger job readiness class offered by the CWF, or may be occasional workshops to the public
 o Develop workshop materials or tailor existing materials to meet the needs of the community
 o Workshop topics should be relevant to the community, and may include topics such as: budgeting, savings, banking products, credit building, identity theft, and more.
• Develop relationships with local financial institutions and community organizations
 o Work with mainstream financial institutions to understand the needs of the community so they can provide products and services that fit
 o Create a network of referral organizations to help you assist the client meet his goals

Qualifications for the financial coach position include, but are not limited to:
• A strong understanding of personal finances, particularly in the areas of budgeting, asset building, and credit building
• A bachelor's degree from a four year accredited institution
• Previous work experience in the financial sector (banking, lending, insurance, investments) is a plus
• Strong communication skills, both written and oral 
• Previous work experience with the CWF's target population, and/or the ability to provide financial counseling/coaching services in a culturally sensitive manner.   A good financial coach is able to relate well to team members and clients
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
• Internet and Resource Savvy

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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