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The Bona Vista Board of Directors seeks a professional with extraordinary interpersonal skills who can develop productive relationships with both internal and external constituents.  The person must be able to demonstrate an understanding and commitment to the unique mission and core values of Bona Vista Programs Inc.

Organization Overview
The Bona Vista Board of Directors seeks a professional with extraordinary interpersonal skills who can develop productive relationships with both internal and external constituents.  The person must be able to demonstrate an understanding and commitment to the unique mission and core values of Bona Vista Programs Inc.  Proven leadership in a substantial human services organization with demonstrated ability to bring passion, vision, creativity, direction and inspiration is highly desirable. The type of leader we seek will be able to demonstrate an ability to continue an organizational culture that empowers growth, appreciates a senior team, develops appropriate partnerships, and values the culture of Bona Vista Programs Inc.

The Board seeks an innovative thinker and imaginative problem solver whose senior-management level experiences in addressing community, state and national challenges have been characterized by a participatory and open style of communication and collaboration.  This person must be able to demonstrate an effective management approach in staff development, operations and programs within a senior management group consisting of highly competent staff. Prior experience leading the process of strategic planning and business planning development is critical.  The successful candidate must also be able to demonstrate an understanding and ability to work with a wide variety of organizational constituents such as community groups, businesses, parents and families, legislators, trade associations, Family and Social Services Administration staff as well as other leaders in official positions. Most important, the successful candidate must be able to work with persons with special needs.

The ideal candidate will possess exceptional leadership abilities, they must be able to maintain a presence within the community as a leader, program thought leader and must have excellent writing and speaking skills. This person must be flexible and adaptable, resourceful and creative, and be able to balance the responsibilities of executive management while pursuing a greater vision for the organization. They must have a vision and be knowledgeable of the political schematics on a national basis. The candidate must be well read and understand the impact of Federal and Indiana state budgets on funding for the purpose of sustainability. The candidate must be able to balance and respond to regulatory changes that may impact daily operations. The candidate must be focused on the sustainability of a community based organization.

The successful candidate will have a unique understanding that the position of President and CEO of the organization is not a forty hour per week position.  The demands of the organization require supreme flexibility of work days and work hours.  There will rarely be a time when the candidate is not subject to inevitable interruptions of their personal life by the necessities of the position. 

The Board of Directors employs a President of Bona Vista Programs, Inc. for such period of time and upon such terms and conditions as the Board of Directors may determine.  The President is the chief executive officer of Bona Vista and has the authority to employ and discharge such personnel as from time to time may be deemed necessary.  The Board of Directors assigns and delegates to the President all planning, development, and management of goals and policies of the Board of Directors, and she/he shall do and perform such other duties as may be assigned to her/him from time to time by the Board of Directors.
1.     Supervise the following positions:  Chief Financial Officer; Chief Strategic Officer; Executive Vice President, Community Living Services; Vice President, Vocational & Day Services; Vice President, Early Learning & Development; Vice President, Early Childhood Services; Director, Safety & Maintenance; Administrative Assistant.  
2.     Assist the Board of Directors in the planning for and formulation of policies by reporting to the Board, or through standing committees, on all phases of activities and operations.
3.     Present at all meetings called or designated by the Board of Directors, including meetings of standing committees.  Present and interpret operating reports, including reports, which reflect the efficiency and effectiveness of the Programs.  Submit reports, which include program information supporting data, and make recommendations based on specific needs of the community. 
4.     Manage the overall operation of the agency.  Coordinate and direct activities in accordance with the policies of the Board.  Develop the organizational structure of the staff for approval of the Board, together with appropriate rules and regulations.  Present general personnel/administrative policies for approval and adoption by the Board.
5.     Prepare an annual budget for Board approval and adoption.  Oversee agency programs and services.  Administer and regularly report the status of funding at the State and national level. Must pay attention to all details in the running of the organization.
6.     Stay current on rules and regulations mandated at both the state and federal levels.  Execute policies, and obtain Board approval, as well as implement recommended changes in line with developments related to the services that we provide. Participate on committees and task forces to aid in the meaningful implantation of new policies.  Stay current on possible implementation of Managed Care.
7.     Comply with known federal, state and local legislation, and in accordance with CARF standards and the policies of the Board.  Represent the agency at all times.
8.     Maintain active participation in national, state and local organizations while taking an active role in the legislative process.
9.     Assist in the development and oversight of all programs within the organization as well as assure that an effective corporate compliance program is implemented for the organization and all personnel adhere
10.   Identify business operations that will generate new revenue for the organization.
11.   Represent the agency on community and state-wide committees and boards.
12.   Prepare and make recommendations to the Board for expansion of the physical plant of the Programs, for the development of programs and services, and for modifications in service delivery related to Home and Community Based Services or other Federal or State regulations.
13.   Review departmental reports and recommendations, including caseloads, curriculum, and program measures and content. 
14.   Investigate and develop strategic plans for the agency and communicate planning to the Board of Directors. Prepare Quarterly updates on agency outcomes.
15.   Oversee the implementation of the Donor Development planning for the organization.
16.   Annually review Bylaws and Administrative Policies and Procedures.
17.   Collaborate with the Board to define and articulate the organization's vision and to develop strategies for achieving the vision.
18.   Develop and monitor strategies for ensuring the long-term financial viability of the organization. 
19.   Promote a culture that reflects the organization's values, encourages good performance, and rewards productivity.
20.   Ensure that staff and Board have sufficient and up to date information.
21.   Develop future leadership within the organization. Involve administrative staff on State and local committees.
22.  Perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.
23.  Must have a family willing to be devoted to the mission.

1.     Master's Degree in Business Administration, Education, Rehabilitation, Social Work, Law or Counseling required.  Public Administration or its equivalent in education or training in related field is preferred.
2.     Five years, demonstrably successful years, in administrative positions required.
3.     Must have demonstrated outstanding administrative capabilities, high qualifications in public and community relations, and has shown an ability to work well with people at all levels.  Must be articulate, qualified as a public speaker, and have an ability to write well. 
4.     Must have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of fiscal and staff management. 
5.     Must indicate a desire to improve knowledge in the rehabilitation field.

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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