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  • 28-Mar-2018 to 26-Apr-2018
  • - SAWs/Charitable Advisors
  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Competitive
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Executive Director, Servants at Work (SAWs) – Each year, SAWs provides freedom to more than 300 people with physical impairments or disabilities by recruiting volunteer crews to build wheelchair ramps. Founded in 2003, SAWs has grown from an informal group of church volunteers to currently operate in 46 counties across Indiana and has become a resource to organizations that provide safe housing. A faith-based organization, SAWs provides meaningful experiences for volunteers that can be life changing for them as well as for the ramp recipient and their caregivers.

SAWs is seeking a seasoned leader who can establish partnerships with faith-based communities as well as businesses, foundations, and individual donors. Key skills include fund raising, leading volunteers, and nonprofit organization/financial management. Some appealing aspects of this opportunity include:

• Dual impact that is quickly grasped by donors and funders
• Well-established volunteer structure
• Strong local reputation and growing community presence
• Demand for replication from across the state and nation 
• Founder supporting the incoming ED to ensure a smooth transition
• Social enterprise and corporate team building opportunities

Near-term goals include increasing donations and foundation support while refining plans for expansion throughout and beyond Indiana. SAWs has a small paid staff, an annual materials and operations budget of $450K, and many management and supervisory level volunteers.


The Executive Director carries out the duties and responsibilities of the position within the framework of the vision, mission, and core values of SAWs, as well as the organization's Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Standing Policies. The Executive reports to the Chairman of the Board or an assigned representative. The Executive's primary duties include:

  • Community Relations
  • Fund Development Planning and Implementation
  • Financial and Grant Management and Oversight
  • Program Development & Affiliate Management
  • Internal Operations and Staff
  • Partnering with the Board of Directors

ATTENTION: Be Prepared - To assist the search committee in discerning a match for the position, please prepare your responses to the questions below prior to hitting "APPLY." Applications will not be considered without question responses.

1. Why would this role be a great match for you?
2. Briefly overview your experience with fund raising from individuals, churches, foundations and/or businesses
3. SAWs has volunteers who appear for a single morning to build a ramp and volunteers who show up every day to help run the operation. Share your applicable experience working with volunteers.
4. What is your experience with nonprofit finance and administration?
5. Share your experience as part of a growing organization with numerous choices and opportunities to pursue.
6. Tell us about the working relationship you have been successful in creating with a board of directors and how you would establish that type of relationship with the SAWs board.

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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