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  • 14-Jun-2018 to 13-Jul-2018
  • - District 5 Hospital Preparedness Program Committee (D5D5HPPC)
  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Full Time

The District 5 Hospital Preparedness Program Committee (D5D5HPPC) is a 501c3 corporation composed of 8 counties: Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, Morgan, and Shelby. The D5D5HPPC works closely with the participating hospitals and multiple coalition partners to be prepared in times of crisis, emergency, and disaster. This is accomplished through education, training, and facilitated exercise, as well as, coalition relationship building.
The D5HPPC has multiple resources available to the hospitals and coalition partners that can be allocated during an emergency/disaster. These include, but are not limited to personal protective equipment, mass prophylaxis/ antibiotic cache, medical evacuation sleds, and portable decontamination equipment. These resources are strategically placed in warehouses, available on trailers, and/or stored at various hospitals throughout the district.
Overview -
The Executive Director of Operations, under the leadership of the D5HPPC Board of Directors, runs the day-to-day operations of the organization and interacts constantly with the membership, multiple agency partners, and Indiana State Department of Health Preparedness Division. The Executive Director of Operations will be charged with finding ways to make D5HPPC more productive and efficient with carrying out its mission by providing effective business operations methods and providing assistance, feedback, and recommendations to the Board and membership with regard to budgets, programs/projects, inventory control and tracking, logistics, marketing and hospital/agency interaction. A person interested in this Executive Director of Operations position must have a strong leadership background in nonprofit management and must know how to handle problems quickly and efficiently in a professional and collaborative manner. This individual is a self-starter and able to identify gaps in operational effectiveness and provide and execute solutions to fill gaps. In addition, this person must have great communication skills. A strong knowledge of hospital-based emergency preparedness and planning is preferred.
The Executive Director of Operations provides a work environment among the committee that engenders positive energy, creativity and teamwork among the members. To ensure this goal is achieved, the Executive Director of Operations tries to reach compromises with members by conducting meetings, listening to each hospital's issues and concerns, and setting a professional example by showing leadership qualities.
Required Qualifications:
• Education:  Four-year bachelor's degree in business or accounting, or nonprofit management
• Skills:  Oral presentation and interpersonal communication skills are essential. The willingness and ability to further the mission and vision of the District; Ability to work autonomously as well as in a team structure. Budget development and oversight experience.
• Knowledge: Nonprofit laws within the State of Indiana, tax and other compliance implications of non-profit status with Internal Revenue Service and Indiana Dept. of Revenue, organizational leadership, supervisory, writing, computer (Microsoft Office Suite), and management practices
• Experience:  Minimum of three years of experience in a nonprofit setting, preferably in an executive director, compliance management, or program management role.
• A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and a diverse workplace
Preferred Qualification:
• Strong understanding of Hospital based Emergency Preparedness and Planning.
• Strong understanding of Hospital Emergency Incident Command System (HICS) 
Training Provided by the District Committee as necessary:
• Completion of all Required NIMS and ICS level training as detailed by the ISDH
• Strong understanding of the D5HPPC and Hospital Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
Major Job Functions (may include, but not limited to):
• Advises, makes recommendations to and assists in formulating and implementing policies for the Board of Directors
• Oversees the organization's daily activities - Attends regular meetings with Officers Board for strategic planning, disseminates all pertinent information, meeting reminders, policies, plans, etc. to committee members, Maintain copies of all written and electronic documents for corporation and district
• Maintain and execute contract between vendor and district for computer repairs
• Develops program content and manage related budget, schedules and calendars for Board of Directors and D5HPPC committee
• Delegate responsibilities effectively when appropriate
• Manages all grant guidance, benchmarks, deliverables, and timelines for the District Committee, Member Hospitals, and partnering Agencies.
• Works with member hospitals and partnering agencies to ensure compliance with the grant guidance and other requirements.
• Develops individual program budgets
• Manages the District budget to ensure compliance with grant program and approved budget line items
• Works with the Treasurer and Officers to ensure expenditures and invoices are properly paid
• Organizes and maintains fiscal and legal documents.
• Identifies additional grant opportunities and complete grant applications on behalf of the District Committee
• Improves the operational systems, processes and policies in support of organizations mission -- specifically, support better management reporting, information flow and management, business process and organizational planning.
• Plays a significant role in long-term planning, including an initiative geared toward longevity.
• Attend monthly Officer Meetings and Executive Sessions
• Additional duties as required by the Board of Directors
District 5 is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All employees regardless of race, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental limitation are encouraged to apply. 
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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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