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The Early Child Manager, reporting to the Director of Programs and Services, will be responsible for leading the Early Childhood programs within the Youth Programs Division.  The Early Childhood Manager is responsible for the development of curriculum that focuses on building social, emotional and cognitive skills necessary for success in kindergarten and creation of a high quality-learning environment that is built on a foundation of positive youth development principles.  In addition, the incumbent will be responsible for ensuring the Early Childhood program meets pertinent licensing standards.

The mission of Hawthorne Community Center is to provide or facilitate programs and services that meet the economic, social, educational, recreational and civic needs of persons living in the Hawthorne service area.
Hawthorne's purpose is to provide social service programs focused on skill building, connection to resources and the provision of basic needs for families.  It is our goal to build resilient and financially stable community members at the grassroots level. 

Hawthorne's programs and services are divided into three specific divisions:
1. Adult and Family Social Services Division - Hawthorne's adult division includes the Center for Working Families (CWF). Hawthorne has shifted the paradigm of adult social services from generalized programs to an individualized experience based on long-term relationships.  CWF focuses on building assets of low and moderate-income families.  Programs offered through the CWF include Income Supports, Adult Education, Financial Literacy, Employment and Re-entry.  CWF staff focuses resources on employment placement, career improvement, financial education and public benefits assistance.  The goal is to move participants from spenders and borrowers to savers and investors.  The next piece of adult division is the Senior Citizen Department.  Program design focuses on five components.  These components are nutrition, health and wellness, recreational activities, social activities and economic stability.  The program meets older adult's basic needs and ensures that they are healthy and participating in life affirming activities that will maintain autonomy by providing daily programming at the center.

2. Youth Programs Division - Youth Programs Division (YPD) offers year-round programming from early childhood to high school, divided into three separate departments - Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School and High School.  Youth programs focus on providing programming during out of school time that empowers youth through intentional enrichment and structured recreation with the goal of preparing them for their first school experience and building academic skills.  Youth programs focus on improving academic performance, social and developmental skills and the improving general health of youth through summer camps, intersession camps, before and after school programs, and athletics.

3. Community Development Division - Neighborhood Engagement and Economic Development comprise the Community Development Division.  Neighborhood engagement focuses on aligning the needs of the community with resources.  Activities focus on cultivating internal community assets and facilitating collaboration with external organizations with resources.  Neighborhood development programs work to improve the quality of life of neighborhood residents by focusing on health, safety, housing, economic development, civic engagement and education.  The Economic Development program engages in the purchase and rehabilitation of blighted houses in the community. These houses, once rehabbed, provide transitional housing opportunities for participants in the Hawthorne CWF program.
Responsibilities – Major Functions

• Leadership functions:
 o Contribute to and implement all pre-school policies and procedures, especially those on equal opportunities and confidentiality.
 o Support Director of Programs and Services in the creation and implementation of the Youth Programs Division section of the strategic plan
 o Assist board of directors on board committees as assigned by director

• Management functions:
 o Design, plan and implement programs to reflect best practices and client needs with a focus on meeting FSSA licensing standards, MCHD regulations and Paths to Quality standards
 o Ensure that the pre-school is a safe environment for children, staff and others, that equipment is safe, standards of hygiene are high, health and safety procedures are implemented at all times and fire drills are regularly practiced
 o Support the Director of Programs and Services in ensuring that participants are correctly registered
 o Maintain detailed case files (paper) on each participant with required documentation and participant plan, review and respond to any emerging participant or program issues culminating in regular updates to the Director of Programs and Services
 o Manage the Early Childhood waiting list to maintain a full roster of youth participants
 o Collaborate with community partners and agencies to provide new programming and enhance the quality of existing programs
 o Support the Director of Programs and Services in the leadership of and assistance to direct service staff
 o Support the Director of Programs and Services in the creation of a supervision plan for professional staff and direct service staff
 o Assist with the marketing plan by partnering with the Director of Programs and Services to create and complete marketing tasks
 o Assist with the promotion of efficiency by supporting and implementing policies and procedures (Maintenance and IT, Supply Requisitions) within program

• Service functions:
 o Create long term, medium term and session curriculum plans which take into account the requirements of the FSSA and Paths to Quality to monitor the effectiveness of the pre-school curriculum
 o Provide a high quality of teaching and learning, ensuring that staff are properly deployed and offer appropriate stimulation and support to the children
 o Supervise the daily early childhood activities and events
 o Plan and implement family engagement nights on a monthly basis
 o Implement systems of observation and record keeping so that children's progress and achievements are regularly assessed; to monitor the effectiveness of assessment procedures.
 o Liaise closely with parents, informing them about the Early Childhood program and its curriculum, exchanging information about children's progress and encouraging parents' involvement
 o Exhibit a genuine nurturing, caring attitude to all children
 o Maintain a positive, calm attitude and a soft voice, and encourage this attitude and voice in others working in the classroom

• Developing and managing financial resources functions:
 o Supervise and manage data (e.g. pre and post test scores, attendance...etc.)
 o Assist with the development of yearly budgets and budget tracking associated with the Early Childhood program

• Human resources functions:
 o Provide supervision and direction to volunteers and interns associated with the Early Childhood program
 o Actively participate in staff development planning, goal setting, reviews and other human resource activities that improve the quality of service to participants

• Organizational involvement functions:
 o Support Hawthorne-sponsored events through leadership, planning and participation
 o Duties assigned by the Executive Director

• Knowledge:
 o Knowledge of FSSA licensing, MCHD and Paths to Quality guidelines
 o Knowledge of lesson planning, youth developmental stages, age-appropriate behavioral management strategies and classroom management strategies
 o Knowledge early childhood evaluation techniques and data collection

• Skills and abilities:
 o Excellent written and oral communication
 o Ability to work with internal and external partners to support program participants and build long term collaboration
 o Excellent time management and the ability to work independently
 o Self-motivated to complete time sensitive tasks
 o Ability to develop working relationships with target population
 o Proficient in Microsoft Office or comparable programs, especially spreadsheet creation and use and all word processing functions
 o Ability to complete data collection and case notes to fulfill funder and agency requirements 
 o Ability to plan and implement curriculum based on best practices
 o Classroom management skills

• Educational/experiential requirements
 o Associate's degree in early childhood education at minimum; BA or BS in early childhood education or elementary education preferred
 o At least three years of teaching experience in a licensed early childhood program
 o Flexibility in working hours to accommodate program needs
 o Must pass fingerprint clearance test and criminal history checks for all appropriate agencies (such as FBI, Department of Justice, and Child Abuse Index Services, local law enforcement)

• Physical requirements:
 o Ability to lift and carry items that may weigh up to 50 lbs
 o Ability to stand and/or sit for extended period of time (1 hour or more)
 o Ability to bend, climb and crawl
 o Ability to obtain and maintain an operator's license
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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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