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  • 21-Nov-2018 to 12-Dec-2018
  • - Hawthorne Community Center
  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Competitive and commensurate with experience
  • Full Time

The Executive Director, under the supervision of the elected board of directors, is the administrative leader of the organization. The incumbent is responsible for the management and fiscal health of the organization. The Executive Director works closely and directly with the board of directors to create and manage the agency's strategic plan, create and recommend policies to govern the agency and ensure the mission is fulfilled. The Executive Director will function as the primary representative to external audiences and community groups. As the identified leader of the organization, the Executive Director will establish relationships with new funders and programmatic partners while maintaining and nurturing existing collaborations. The incumbent will be the liaison for any media requests and appearances. Final determination and responsibility for staff terminations, participant satisfaction in grievance issues and expulsion of participants will occur with input of the Executive Director.      


• The mission of Hawthorne Community Center is to provide or facilitate programs and services that meet the economic, social, educational, recreational and civic needs of persons living in the Hawthorne service area.

• Hawthorne's purpose is to provide social service programs focused on skill building, connection to resources and the provision of basic needs for families.  It is our goal to build resilient and financially stable community members at the grassroots level. 

• Hawthorne's programs and services are divided into three specific divisions:

1. Adult and Family Social Services Division - Hawthorne's adult division includes the Center for Working Families (CWF). Hawthorne has shifted the paradigm of adult social services from generalized programs to an individualized experience based on long-term relationships.  CWF focuses on building assets of low and moderate-income families.  Programs offered through the CWF include Income Supports, Adult Education, Financial Literacy, Employment and Re-entry.  CWF staff focuses resources on employment placement, career improvement, financial education and public benefits assistance.  The goal is to move participants from spenders and borrowers to savers and investors.  The next piece of adult division is the Senior Citizen Department.  Program design focuses on five components.  These components are nutrition, health and wellness, recreational activities, social activities and economic stability.  The program meets older adult's basic needs and ensures that they are healthy and participating in life affirming activities that will maintain autonomy by providing daily programming at the center.

2. Youth Programs Division - Youth Programs Division (YPD) offers year-round programming from early childhood to high school, divided into three separate departments - Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School and High School.  Youth programs focus on providing programming during out of school time that empowers youth through intentional enrichment and structured recreation with the goal of preparing them for their first school experience and building academic skills.  Youth programs focus on improving academic performance, social and developmental skills and the improving general health of youth through summer camps, intersession camps, before and after school programs, and athletics.

3. Community Development Division - Neighborhood Engagement and Economic Development comprise the Community Development Division.  Neighborhood engagement focuses on aligning the needs of the community with resources.  Activities focus on cultivating internal community assets and facilitating collaboration with external organizations with resources.  Neighborhood development programs work to improve the quality of life of neighborhood residents by focusing on health, safety, housing, economic development, civic engagement and education.  The Economic Development program engages in the purchase and rehabilitation of blighted houses in the community. These houses, once rehabbed, provide transitional housing opportunities for participants in the Hawthorne CWF program.

Responsibilities – Major Functions
• Leadership functions:
     o Work with elected board to support agency governance
     o Provide leadership and support to Director of Programs and Services that ensures programs and services are meeting projected outcomes, supporting the agency mission and strategic plan
     o Support mission and vision of the agency to internal and external constituencies
     o Assist with preparation of and implementation of agency strategic plan
     o Delegate responsibilities to ensure that agency is providing quality programs and services
     o Review materials, conduct research and solicit best practices models to ensure programs and services are highest quality
     o Conduct needs assessments to indicate programmatic need
     o Serve as external ambassador for organization to the greater community  
• Management functions:
     o Review program performance via data collection and evaluation reports
     o Consult with staff and provide consultation and input on issues and problems
     o Review and respond to program issues
     o Represent agency programs to current and potential funding and collaborative partners 
     o Represent agency programs to the governing body via the Program and Personnel Committee
• Service functions:
     o Provide direct service when necessitated
     o Transport participants when needed
     o Chaperone field trips and special events when necessary
• Developing and managing financial resources functions:
     o Conduct program cost analysis studies
     o Ensure that audit findings are incorporated into agency financial policy and procedures
     o Review agency financial health on a weekly basis
     o Approve transfer of funds between agency accounts
     o Participate in annual budget preparation
     o Provide oversight and leadership in all fiscal matters pertaining to the agency
     o Work with board Finance Committee to ensure financial sustainability of the agency
• Human resources functions:
     o Represent agency personnel issues to governing body via the Program and Personnel Committee
     o Recommend salary adjustments, increases and incentives for board approval
     o Oversee the agency's United Way campaign
     o Ensure that personnel issues are managed in accordance with legal and agency policies
     o Support program managers in selection of candidates when necessary
     o Work with program managers and administrative staff to address personnel performance issues
     o Eliminate positions when funding and program performance indicate the need to do so
     o Terminate employees when agency policies and procedures indicate the necessity to end the employment relationship
• Organizational involvement functions:
     o Attend external events representing the agency
     o Provide talks and conduct tours for outside agencies, volunteers and potential donors
     o Support agency programs, services and special events

• Knowledge:
     o Thorough knowledge of not-for-profit organizations
     o Thorough knowledge of fiduciary policies and accounting principles for not-for-profits
     o Thorough understanding of best practices for human resource management
     o Thorough investment in collaborative relationships
     o Thorough knowledge of not-for-profit funding priorities and grant writing experience
     o Thorough understanding of benefits associated with bundling services made possible with community center service deliver
     o Thorough understanding of board governance dynamics   
     o Thorough understanding of social service trends and how those impact potential funding
• Skills and abilities:
     o Excellent written and verbal communication skills
     o Ability to multi-task and complete projects within specific timelines
     o Ability to articulate the mission, vision and promotion of agency programs and services to internal and external audiences
     o Ability to advocate for needs of the agency and populations served
     o Cultural sensitivity to different populations
     o Well-developed interpersonal skills in working with participants, staff, board members, funders, community partners and external constituencies
     o Consensus building and problem-solving skills
• Education and experience:
     o Master's level degree in Social Work, Business, Nonprofit Management or a similar field of study highly preferred
     o Minimum of 5 years' experience in management of social service programs and services
• Physical Requirements:
     o Ability to lift and carry items that may weigh up to 50 lbs
     o Ability to stand and/or sit for extended period of time (1 hour or more)
     o Ability to obtain and maintain a public passenger license
     o Mobility required to walk up and down stairs and other potential encumbrances to provide case management and home visits to program participants

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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