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Hawthorne Community Center seeks to contract with a highly-qualified resource development specialist with the goal of providing adequate resources to support and expand programs that meet the needs of Hawthorne clients, provide opportunities for organizational stability and growth, and help create a healthy and vibrant Westside community.
Organization Overview:
• The mission of Hawthorne Community Center is to provide or facilitate programs and services that meet the economic, social, educational, recreational and civic needs of persons living in the Hawthorne service area.
• Hawthorne's purpose is to provide social service programs focused on skill building, connection to resources and the provision of basic needs for families.  It is our goal to build resilient and financially stable community members at the grassroots level. 
• Hawthorne's programs and services are divided into three specific divisions:

1. Adult and Family Social Services Division - Hawthorne's adult division includes the Center for Working Families (CWF). Hawthorne has shifted the paradigm of adult social services from generalized programs to an individualized experience based on long-term relationships.  CWF focuses on building assets of low and moderate-income families.  Programs offered through the CWF include Income Supports, Adult Education, Financial Literacy, Employment and Re-entry.  CWF staff focuses resources on employment placement, career improvement, financial education and public benefits assistance.  The goal is to move participants from spenders and borrowers to savers and investors.  The next piece of adult division is the Senior Citizen Department.  Program design focuses on five components.  These components are nutrition, health and wellness, recreational activities, social activities and economic stability.  The program meets older adult's basic needs and ensures that they are healthy and participating in life affirming activities that will maintain autonomy by providing daily programming at the center.

2. Youth Programs Division - Youth Programs Division (YPD) offers year-round programming from early childhood to high school, divided into three separate departments - Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School and High School.  Youth programs focus on providing programming during out of school time that empowers youth through intentional enrichment and structured recreation with the goal of preparing them for their first school experience and building academic skills.  Youth programs focus on improving academic performance, social and developmental skills and the improving general health of youth through summer camps, intersession camps, before and after school programs, and athletics.

3. Community Development Division - Neighborhood Engagement and Economic Development comprise the Community Development Division.  Neighborhood engagement focuses on aligning the needs of the community with resources.  Activities focus on cultivating internal community assets and facilitating collaboration with external organizations with resources.  Neighborhood development programs work to improve the quality of life of neighborhood residents by focusing on health, safety, housing, economic development, civic engagement and education.  The Economic Development program engages in the purchase and rehabilitation of blighted houses in the community. These houses, once rehabbed, provide transitional housing opportunities for participants in the Hawthorne CWF program.

Position Duties:
• The Resource Development Specialist works collaboratively with Hawthorne staff, board, partners, neighbors, and other community members to secure and manage grants and to seek other types of financial support. The position assists Hawthorne staff with the development and maintenance of the necessary systems to manage research and submission of grants and maintenance of donor information. The specialist works closely to Hawthorne leadership to actively involve individuals and corporations in the Hawthorne community.

• Essential Functions:
   o Researches and cultivates funding opportunities from local, state, and federal agencies, public corporations, private foundations, and individual donors;
   o Works with staff to research, identify, write, and compete for grant resources to support Hawthorne programs;
   o Develops a donor database and a grant-history database including name of grant, application/submittal date, grants pending, and future opportunities;
   o Assists Hawthorne staff and Board to enhance overall resource development efforts, including individual donor development, special events, and other resource development efforts.

Position Qualifications:
• Bachelor's Degree
• Knowledge of federal, state, city, corporate and foundation funding sources
• Demonstrated ability to research, write, and secure grants
• Ability to collaborate with Hawthorne staff and develop information into grant proposals
• Ability to use computer software to develop database for management of grant and donor information
• Excellent writing, research, and communications skills

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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