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  • 05-Aug-2019 to 04-Sep-2019
  • - Tangram, Inc.
  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Full Time

Position Profile:
• Orchestrates Behavioral Health Services and Tangram Life Coaching to improve client outcomes and advance their progress towards improved relationships
• Visualizes future changing needs and proactively markets and grows the Life Coaching services and Behavioral Health Services
• Actively engaged in growing the businesses, ensuring client funded services are maximized are survey-compliant at all times and industry trends are examined
• Fosters the agency-family partnership, with open communication to identify and fix problems promptly
• Identifies problems and solutions, getting input from colleagues; doesn't cover up mistakes; supports the senior management team while also being willing to disagree
• Promotes respectful, open and trustworthy relationships internal and external stakeholders

Key Areas of Accountability/ Essential Functions

1. Leadership
A. Enhance the success of assigned services through strategic program development and provision of quality services.
B. Communicate the department and agency vision and strategic goals to all department personnel, creating an understanding and desire to contribute towards the achievement of those goals.
C. Contribute to the organization leadership through participation in the decision-making process and support of the organization.
D. Contribute to the long-term success of the department and agency through a commitment to staff professional development.
E. Review and evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs, maintain all standards for accreditation, fulfillment of contractual obligations, etc.

2. Staff Supervision
A. Responsible for the hiring, training, and the performance management for direct reports, as well as ensuring adequate staffing of qualified personnel, training, and evaluation of home health care staff.
B. Responsible for conducting performance reviews for direct reports.
C. Responsible for effectively managing workflow and work assignments for direct reports.
D. Responsible for the development of mutually cooperative relationships between departments that ensures the sharing of information.
E. Responsible for adhering to and ensuring the adherence to all organizational policies and procedures.
F. Develop and maintain standard operating procedures for assigned programs.

3. Consumer Services
A. Ensure all services are evaluated on an ongoing basis for compliance, quality, and level of consumer satisfaction.
B. Develop relationships with area providers and case managers to promote the services offered by the organization. Must maintain the ability to provide own transportation throughout the community, meeting all driver insurability requirements.
C. Ensure effective referral processes with referral sources, the consumer, and family members to assure eligibility and appropriateness of the individual services.
D. Maintain good communication with family members and all service providers.
E. Ensure quality delivery of all individual programs, monitoring compliance with organization procedures, effectiveness, and quality outcomes.
F. Assist in determining appropriateness of living arrangements for all new enrollees, as well as monitor appropriateness of living arrangements of existing consumers.

4. Consumer Advocacy
A. Maintain ongoing communication between the President/CEO, professional personnel and staff, and the governing board as appropriate.
B. Ensure the consumers are given the opportunity to exercise choice and develop self-advocacy skills.
C. Maintain a positive and facilitative role with consumers to encourage greater independence and self-reliance.
D. Facilitate effective communication between the BMAN department and other Tangram departments, as appropriate.
E. Participate in professional organizations as appropriate to promote the agency services as well as to facilitate education about and opportunities for those receiving services.

5. Health and Safety
A. Ensures quality and safe delivery of services per agency policies and procedures.
B. Assist with development, maintenance of department medical, health, and safety procedures.
C. Ensure on-call coverage for emergencies involving staff and consumers.
D. Promote and maintain an agency environment that is compliant with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. Instruct staff regarding regulations as required.

6. Fiscal Accountability
A. Prepare and manage the department budget within approved guidelines.
B. Responsible for insuring the maximization of revenue opportunities.
C. Insure sound fiscal management of the program by providing a review of monthly expenditures.

7. Reporting and Record Keeping
A. Collect and/or interpret assessment of program data as needed or requested.
B. Oversee monitoring of records and files to assure compliance of all governing regulations pertaining to staff and consumers.
C. Submit reports and maintain consumer records per regulations and procedures.
D. Provide assurances in the form of proper documentation that all meetings required of staff, consumers, etc., by organization standards, regulatory agencies are held, properly conducted, and attended by all appropriate parties.
E. Provide summary reports to the President/CEO as requested.

Minimum Job Qualifications

1. Education: Master's Degree in rehabilitation, special education, social work, or related field. 

2. Work Experience: Five (5) years experience working with persons with disabilities. Preference given to individuals with supervisory experience.

3. General Requirements: Must have a valid driver's license, acceptable driving record, meet agency's driver insurability requirements, reliable vehicle, and up to date automobile insurance.

4. Working Conditions: Normal office environment with little, if any, discomfort due to heat, dust, noise, etc. There is some bending, stooping, and prolonged sitting.

5. Training Requirements During Employment: Comply with all internal training requirements, as well as professional training that will ensure department compliance with regulations and best practices.

6. Characteristics, Skills, and Abilities:
A. Planning and Organization: The ability to establish a course of action for self and/or others to accomplish a specific goal; planning proper assignments of personnel and appropriate allocation of resources.
B. Judgment: The ability to develop alternative courses of action and make decisions which are based on logical assumptions and which reflect information.
C. Leadership: The ability to use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to guide individuals or groups toward goal achievement; modifying behavior according to tasks and individuals involved.
D. Strategic Leadership: The ability to create and achieve a desired future state (vision) through influence on organizational values, individual and group goals, reinforcements, and systems.
E. Integrity: The ability to maintain and promote social, ethical, and organizational norms in conducting internal and external business activities.
F. Developing Organizational Talent: The ability to develop management and staff skills and competencies by planning effective development activities related to current and future jobs.
G. Adaptability: The degree to which the employee is able to maintain effectiveness in varying environments and with varying tasks, responsibilities, or people.
H. Teamwork: The degree to which the employee works effectively with teams, work groups, or those outside formal lines of authority in order to accomplish assignments or goals; takes action that respects the needs and contributions of others.
I. Customer Service: The degree to which the employee makes an effort to listen to and understand the customer (both internal and external) and anticipates customer needs, giving high priority to customer's satisfaction (both internal and external) and anticipates customer needs, giving high priority to customer's satisfaction.
J. Written Communication: The degree to which the employee is able to express ideas clearly in writing which demonstrates a sound knowledge of organization, grammar, language, and terminology adjusted to the characteristics and needs of the intended audience.
K. Oral Communication: The degree to which the employee is able to verbally express ideas and/or convey information clearly and effectively in one on one or group situations.

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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