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Indy Reads is pleased to offer AmeriCorps service opportunities in our Literacy/ABE and English Language Learner (ELL) Community Classrooms.
Make a difference in the Indianapolis, Indiana community by becoming a WorkLiteracy coach at Indy Reads. Members will receive extensive training and tools to help adults  who are learning how to read, speak English, and increase their job readiness skills.  Through the extensive professional development and hands-on experience in this  program, Members will develop presentation, coaching, and mentoring skills, and earn  an education award for future higher education or to pay off existing higher-education  debts. Members will serve under the supervision of Indy Reads program staff. 
Specific Duties:
● Provide intensive literacy and English language tutoring and job readiness  coaching to Community Classrooms students, at a minimum of 12 hours per  week; 
● Under the guidance of an Indy Reads Instructor, help with lesson planning and  curriculum development; 
● Present job readiness workshops on skills like active listening, problem solving,  teamwork, critical thinking, and time management for students and other  AmeriCorps members; 
● Assess student's job readiness skills before and after instruction;  
● Serve as leaders in the classroom by continuously mentoring Community  Classrooms volunteers; and 
● Take on special program projects as needed. 

Necessary Skills:
● Interpersonal skills to work with a diverse group of individuals; 
● Working knowledge of computer software and multimedia tools; familiar with  Microsoft Office suite and Google G Suite; 
● Interest in literacy issues; 
● For literacy, Members will ideally have a background in elementary education,  special education and/or have been exposed to Orton-Gillingham, Lindamood-Bell  or similar programs; 
● For ELL, Members should have either a TESOL certificate OR be proficient in  another language OR have studied abroad. (Spanish proficiency is a huge plus*); 
● Flexible schedule to accommodate regular evening and weekday duties; 
● Personal, reliable transportation to accommodate regular classroom visits to  partner sites; 
● Ability to work effectively with adult learners and positively communicate with  students requesting assistance; and 
● Solid data analysis and organizational skills including ability to think strategically. 

Indy Reads will provide ongoing literacy, ELL and job readiness training to members. All  members will work in Indianapolis, Indiana. Travel is necessary and members must have  their own transportation. Some travel to training is provided. 
Our Mission and Work:
Indy Reads builds literacy, English language, and job readiness skills to empower adults  and families to reach their full potential. For over 30 years, we've worked toward a vision  of 100% literacy for all. High literacy levels give access to greater developmental,  educational, and career opportunities, but current statistics show that 1 in 6 adults in  Indiana read at or below a sixth-grade level. Our free, student-centered, Community  Classrooms program is led by experienced instructors and trained volunteers. 

Community Classrooms programs include: 
● Literacy - Serves adults that read below a 6th grade level via individualized lessons  for each student, and 1-1 or small group instruction with volunteer tutors. 
● ELL - Serves adults who want to learn English as a second language through  Ventures curriculum, which is based on life-skills. Volunteer tutors work with  students 1-1 or in small groups. 
● Certifications - Serves adults who read at more advanced levels and are looking to  find a new career path or advance their job qualifications. We offer two options  for those pursuing a career in customer service: a certification through the  National Retail Federation or certification through the International Business  Training Association's Certified Business Professional course. 

AmeriCorps members will provide students with the intensive, one-on-one literacy or ELL  tutoring they need to develop their reading and English skills, as well as personalized  coaching to help them succeed in our work training programs. This support allows Indy  Reads to enact its mission to "empower adults and families to reach their full potential." 

AmeriCorps Members serve full-time for one year with varying work hours and receive a  modest living allowance in the form of a bi-weekly stipend, health insurance, and other  benefits such as child care assistance, loan forbearance and an educational grant at the  end of service. Indy Reads provides individualized professional development, hands-on  skills training specific to the field of education, and job readiness skills development in  the form of weekly workshops and self-paced trainings, opportunities to build your  resume and work portfolio, career counseling at the end of your service, and a staff  mentor throughout the year to provide support and guidance. ​This program is  available to all, regardless of race, color, disability, age, national origin, ethnicity,  gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or religion.

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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