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The Indiana Interchurch Center is a community of more than 30 non-profit organizations which is home to a variety of denominational offices and faith groups and organizations addressing the health and wholeness of the human family and earth.  Each of these groups host community gatherings where the public at large are brought together for education and community building. 

Information about this unique center may be found on our website:

The Executive Director position works five hours per day, Monday through Friday, and should have the ability to respond, or coordinate response, to after hours concerns that arise from time to time.

The Executive Director takes responsibility to resolve building and/or tenant issues, build tenant relations and be accessible to those served in the building. This position reports directly to the Indiana Interchurch Center Board of Directors and works closely with the Board members. The Executive Director is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Center. These responsibilities include but are not limited to the following items:

1. General Administration and Management
a. The Director administers the policies and practices of the Board of the Interchurch Center, and provides oversight and direction of personnel, building maintenance, tenant relations, marketing, and the safety of the occupants and visitors.
b. The Director oversees the preparation of leases, the marketing of office space and the rental of meeting space.
c. The Director helps develop policies and practices to provide a safe, clean and wholesome work environment.
d.  The Director has a working knowledge of the energy management controls, the door access program, the conference room scheduling app, and the security cameras all of which are accessed remotely by phone, tablet, or computer.
e. The Director oversees the organization's website and public exhibits.
f. The Director serves as a liaison to neighboring public institutions.

2. Personnel Oversight
a. The Director, with oversight from the Finance - Personnel Committee, has primary responsibility in the hiring, training, supervision, evaluation and dismissal of Interchurch employees.
b. The Director works with the Finance - Personnel Committee to establish job descriptions, personnel policies and wage and benefits for the employees.
3. Building Maintenance
a. The Director oversees the maintenance and grounds to provide a safe, attractive work and conference environment that meets the legal and professional standards for operation.
b. The Director oversees the maintenance of the heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and other building systems necessary for operation.
c. The Director works with the Finance - Personnel Committee to review, recommend and implement maintenance goals, plans and major improvements.

4. Fiscal and Accounting
a. The Director works with the Administrative Executive to manage the Center's banking and management of the Center's assets.
b. The Director reviews and approves all expenditures including payroll.
c. The Director and the Administrative Executive work with the Finance - Personnel Committee to prepare an annual operating budget.
d. The Director provides timely, periodic financial reports (at least monthly to the President and Finance - Personnel Committee, and semi-annually to the Board).
e. The Director works with auditors and Board members to complete an annual review and an internal audit.

Qualifications--College degree or equivalent experience, previous property management or real estate experience, ability to work well with churches and tenants, working knowledge of mechanical systems and physical plants, previous personnel experience, accounting/computer skills including QuickBooks.

ATTENTION: Be Prepared - To assist you and the search committee in discerning your match for the position, we suggest you prepare your responses to these questions prior to hitting "APPLY" to make your application. Applications will not be considered without question responses.
1. What interests you in this position?
2. What makes you a uniquely qualified match for this position?
3. Tell us about your experience in coordinating or overseeing facility maintenance needs.
4. What do you see as the keys to building and sustaining a high performing staff culture?
5. What experience have you had in real estate marketing?

Click the APPLY button to submit a resume and references by September 30 to Richard L. Spleth

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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