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  • Full Time

This position would develop and manage positive and effective relationships with stakeholders of INvestEd with public, private, corporate, philanthropic and non profit partners to advance the role of INvestEd to achieve the state's mission of education and workforce development. 

Organization overview:
Indiana Secondary Market for Education Loans, Inc. was established pursuant to Public Law No. 154 of the 1980 Indiana General Assembly and is a public benefit corporation organized exclusively for education purposes. Indiana Secondary Market for Education Loans, Inc. began operating under the d/b/a of INvestEd in November 2016 as part of an effort to make its literacy and lending services easier to access by members of the public. INvestEd serves as the State of Indiana's designated secondary market for education loans and acts as an eligible lender under the Higher Education Act, as amended. INvestEd's enabling statute was amended effective April 30, 2013, with the signing of SB 532. SB 532 permits INvestEd to become a direct lender of non-federal, post-secondary education supplemental loans for the purpose of attending both Indiana and non-Indiana colleges and universities. SB 532 also mandates that INvestEd engage in financial literacy activities.
With the change to its enabling statue, INvestEd has created both tuition and refinancing private loan offerings. These offerings are designed to facilitate access for all Indiana residents to educational funding at the lowest possible cost. In addition, INvestEd continues to expand its support for Indiana residents' pursuit of access to higher education opportunities by providing informational presentations and distributing educational materials related to education funding.

To strengthen INvestEd's statutory role in advancing the education and workforce development missions of the State of Indiana by engaging with state leadership involved in these issues and strategies.  To ensure that INvestEd is providing essential and valued services to advance the state's education and workforce development outcomes.

Develop a deep and working understanding of the state's education and workforce development programs, strategies and expected performance outcomes. 
To engage with state and education leaders to understand and serve their needs toward meeting the State's education and workforce outcomes.  
Develop and manage positive and effective relationships with stakeholders of INvestEd with public, private, corporate, philanthropic and non profit partners to advance the role of INvestEd to achieve the state's mission of education and workforce development.  
Inform on national trends, federal legislation and emerging regulations in college funding including student lending and income share agreements.

Hiring interns, part-time employees and outside contractors; train and direct staff/contractors; conduct staff performance management evaluations.

4-6 years' experience in state government or government relations; proven oral and written communications skills, public speaking, diplomacy and interpersonal skills.

Bachelor's degree

Ability to fully integrate a broad range of communications/engagement initiatives, resulting in an effective efficient strategic work plan.
Strong program management skills, driven by a commitment to quality, results and fiscal responsibility.
Supervisory experience with internal communications teams, consultants, vendors and interns.
Ability to build productive relationships with internal and external constituents, politically savvy.
Proficient in the full suite of Microsoft Office and have the ability and affinity to leverage new media, social media and technology platform innovations.

ATTENTION: Be Prepared - To assist you and the search committee in discerning your match for the position, we suggest you prepare your responses to these questions prior to hitting "APPLY" to make your application. Applications will not be considered without question responses.
• What experience or qualities do you feel make you uniquely qualified match for this position?
• Talk about a project or program where you had to gain support from others outside your organization and then implement it.  What worked well?  What would you change next time?
• Talk about how you have been successful in engaging board members in furthering the mission and financial sustainability of the organization
• Give an example of how you have used outside marketing/PR firms and/or contractors to leverage your efforts and benefit your organization
• Talk about your personal professional development efforts and how you stay current on rules and regulations and national trends

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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