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  • 26-Jan-2020 to 26-Feb-2020
  • - Princeton One
  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Full Time

This is a genuine opportunity to grow in your faith and truly make the world a better place.  The President reports to the Board of Directors and guides the overall direction of this private Catholic high school that serves the economically disadvantaged youth of our city.  This strategic leadership role will drive the financial health and operational success of this institution and its mission with a special concern for its religious and spiritual orientation.  Although the President will primarily focus on raising money and building productive relationships with local businesses, he/she will also delegate most of the operational responsibilities for education management to the school's administrative and leadership teams, but he/she will also work closely with those teams to provide direction and support. 
The President's responsibilities include the following:

• Serve as the school's chief fundraiser and public relations person. Approve all fund-raising, development projects and events, as well as, all public relations releases and programs. Also provide specific leadership of annual and special fundraising campaigns.
The President is responsible for the overall operation of the Development department.
Specific responsibilities include:
  o Manage the Development Office team
  o Cultivate relationships and solicitation of funds from all major gift prospects
  o Collaborate with board members to identify and manage relationships with major gift prospects
  o Manage and grow relationships with foundations that contribute to the school
  o Work with the grant writer to identify foundation prospects
  o Oversee the quality of all marketing and public relations materials.

• Provide effective leadership in forging relationships with companies throughout the city in the ongoing effort to maintain and secure new internships that are a fundamental part of the school's education model and vital to the financial success of the school's mission.

• Prepare the budget for final approval by the Board of Directors. Provide final approval for financial affairs, including the management and use of scholarship and endowment funds, tuition and fee schedules, debt services and other bank negotiation. Approve line item expenditures beyond those already provided for in the approved budget.

• Develop and present plans for plant development, including construction of new facilities, re-disposition of physical space, relocation to a new building  and acquisition of new equipment to the school's Board of Directors or other governing bodies for review and approval.
• Communicate the philosophy and programs of the high school to the school's various publics, including working with parent groups and representing the school at civic, religious and other public functions. Provide opportunities for adult/family enrichment programs for both the families of students and the community at large.

• Provide spiritual leadership to permeate students, faculty and staff with the fundamental values and beliefs of school's mission.

• Pursuant to the annual operating budget approved by the school's Board of Director's, determine the school's organizational structure and gives final approval of the faculty/staff salary scales, stipends and benefit packages.

• Provide guidance with regards to the hiring, training and orientation of all school personnel, taking care to ensure that each is committed to the school's mission.

• Provide final approval for academic affairs, including admission and recruitment policies, new curricula/programs and student disciplinary withdrawals.

Put your stamp on a better future for the Indianapolis Community!

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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