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  • 02-Mar-2020 to 01-Apr-2020
  • - Downtown Indy
  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • negotiable
  • Full Time

Downtown Indy, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit organization uniquely positioned to address issues that affect the area's growth and well-being.  Downtown Indy, Inc. (DII) focuses on advancing Downtown as a great place to live, learn, work and play.

Function as part of the Management Services team to create and maintain a clean, safe and beautiful Downtown.  Design plantings and contract horticultural maintenance for planters and public gardens.  Interact with City personnel to water flower planters, place trash receptacles, pressure wash sidewalks in Wholesale District and monitor overall cleanliness.  Implement street tree lighting program.  Respond to customer concerns/requests. 

Position Duties:
a. Enhance Downtown Operations 
i.      Serve as liaison between property owners and City in responding to maintenance  of street, sidewalk and building infrastructure
 ii.      Work closely with Department of Public Works in implementing shared City operational goals.
 iii.      Represent Downtown Indy, Inc. at appropriate public meetings involving City infrastructure and planning.
 iv.      Convene meeting of property owners  , when deemed necessary , to successfully resolve private/public infrastructure concerns.
 v.      Establish metrics and perform monitoring and reporting functions to benchmark and track progress of service contracts.

b. Enhance Downtown Cleanliness
 i.      Install new Trash Wraps with City DPW assistance
 ii.      Create & distribute annual Sidewalk Cleanliness Assessment and email results to Downtown businesses
 iii.      Manage Pest Bird Task Force and raise funds to cover contract with USDA
 iv.      Recognize public and private front line cleaning staff at luncheon
 v.      Work with City Dept. Public Works to continue sidewalk pressure washing in Wholesale District
 vi.      Encourage businesses to maintain/improve facades and adhere to cleaning standards
 vii.      Request businesses place ash urns near smoking areas to mitigate cigarette butt litter
 viii.      Implement two neighbor clean-ups with businesses

c. Enhance Downtown Beautification
 I. Oversee vendor contract to maintain two gateway gardens to high standard
 II. Design/order spring & summer flowers and fall plantings from local contract grower
 III. Oversee vendor contract to plant spring, summer flowers, including maintenance
 IV. Monitor City of Indianapolis watering of planters
 V. Manage Planter Sponsorship program
 VI. Create Beautification Calendar and distribute to businesses
 VII. Organize and lead volunteers to mulch gateway gardens
 VIII. Work with businesses to adopt planting areas on public property
 IX. Implement street tree lighting program with City
 X. Report low tree canopies and broken branches to appropriate agency
 XI. Report encroaching and empty tree grates or tripping hazards caused by grates
 XII. Report vehicle damage, construction damage or heavy vandalism to public trees
 XIII. Report branches obstructing line-of-sight for pedestrians, cyclists, and/or vehicles or branches obstructing view of traffic signals, stop signs or critical traffic signage
 XIV. Report items illegally attached to Downtown trees such as bike chains, pet leashes, electrical wires, notices staples/nailed to trees, zip ties or any other materials that could potentially harm the growth of the trees

d. Expand base of membership and investment
 I. Generate revenue from public and private sectors
 II. Reorganize/re-purpose/re-invigorate Beautification Committee with Patron members and others

Position Qualifications:
a. Bachelor's Degree in Business, Management or related field.
b. Minimum three (3) years' experience in operational or maintenance management including contract management
c. Experience in horticulture care, landscape management preferred.
d. Fundraising & volunteer management experience helpful
e. Basic understanding of job estimates and budgets
f. Ability to read blueprints
g. Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook
h. Detail oriented, well-organized
i. Dedicated and reliable
j. Excellent written and oral communication skills
k. Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills
l. Ability to function on multiple tasks

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Salary negotiable. Please provide any salary expectations.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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