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CEO, Immigrant Welcome Center (IWC) - Are you an individual who possesses a deep commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive Indianapolis? Are you a bridge builder, seeking a role that will encompass your experience with community organizations and leaders to make a tangible impact in the lives of others? Since 2005, the IWC has been on the front lines connecting newcomers to people, places and resources that enable them to build successful lives and enrich our community.

The Immigrant Welcome Center stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter (See our Statement of Equity dated June 15, 2020, below). IWC is on a mission to make Indianapolis a more welcoming community for everyone and annually hosts "Live Local, Think Global", a signature event that connects our community. As the organization embarks on its next phase of growth and service, IWC 2.0, the Board is seeking a Chief Executive Officer to implement a comprehensive approach to integrating immigrants and refugees into our community, in partnership with nonprofit and business organizations, while advocating for inclusive policies and anti-racist practices.

This individual will see our new community members as engines of growth and advocate for their participation in the political, civic, and economic life of our diverse society and help to inform the public about their many contributions. They will be familiar with the immigrant's journey and the many obstacles that newcomers must overcome. A successful candidate will exhibit a confident presence and be a creative problem solver as they support the mission and activities of IWC and will recognize the value of strategic partnerships to elevate the voices and opportunities for newcomers. This leader must be flexible, adaptable and able to leverage this time of crisis to create transformational change. Annual budget of $600K, staff team of 7 (and growing), 40+ paid or volunteer Natural Helpers, engaged board of directors. $1 million endowment. Competitive salary plus benefits package including health insurance, retirement, and generous time off.

This search was originally opened in the fall of 2019 but paused to explore a strategic merger opportunity that leadership chose not to pursue. The board has affirmed that IWC can best accomplish its mission as an independent organization. An experienced interim ED has been in place to prepare for the new CEO.

Qualifications include:
• Commitment to services and immigrant issues as well as interest in expanding community-based programs and opportunities for accelerating immigrant integration
• Demonstrable leadership experience leading a strategic planning process, setting goals, and implementing strategic plans for organizational growth
• At least three years' experience hiring, supervising and developing staff
• A record of success in fundraising from individuals, corporations, foundations, and government
• Experience working with a nonprofit board, either as a staff or board leader
• Experience with government funded programs preferred
• Bachelor's degree in social services, business, public policy or related field and significant leadership experience and exhibited success in similar work. Master's degree preferred
• Demonstrated experience in community outreach, advocacy, public policy, and marketing/communications
• Ability to develop relationships/partnerships for future programs, resources and funding
• Strong interpersonal, public speaking and storytelling skills
• A belief in the positive power of cultural differences; experience in diverse cultures and environments
• Adept at establishing genuine rapport with a very diverse range of people at the individual, small group and large audience levels.
• Strong financial acumen with experience developing, communicating, and implementing budgets
• Open to candidates from beyond central Indiana who can quickly learn our community and build relationships. Familiarity with the City of Indianapolis and the local immigrant/refugee communities, backgrounds, organizations, agencies, neighborhoods, and systems is preferred.
• Knowledge in the areas of program evaluation, inter-agency collaboration, immigrant integration, English language learning access, citizenship/naturalization services, and/or immigrant experiences is preferred
• Strategic, out-of-the-box thinker

Because the IWC website is undergoing a major revision, candidates will find additional information below about the current programs and operations, including the IWC Statement of Racial Equity.
ATTENTION: Be Prepared - To assist you and the search committee in discerning your match for this position, we suggest you prepare your responses to these questions prior to hitting "APPLY" to make your application. Applications will not be considered without question responses.
1. Briefly share how your personal and professional background would be a great match to lead the Immigrant Welcome Center?
2. Please describe your experience raising financial support to achieve organizational growth?
3. Describe your experiences building community partnerships to address a challenge or achieve a common goal.
4. Please share a time when you provided organizational leadership through a crisis or period of transformational change.
5. Briefly share your experience directing the daily operations of a small organization or department (staffing/HR, budget, communications, etc.)
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IWC Statement on Racial Equity - June 15, 2020

The Immigrant Welcome Center stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. Our immigrant community includes black individuals and families who came to the United States seeking equitable opportunities within a culture of fairness and justice. They specifically chose to make Indianapolis their home expecting our welcoming spirit and our Hoosier hospitality. Until our Black neighbors, native and foreign-born, have equitable opportunity and an assurance of just and fair outcomes, our neighbors with diverse skin colors, races, ethnicities, beliefs, gender identities and sexual orientations will not either. 

Our broad involvement with social justice and anti-racist work will further influence our strategic plan update, slated for 2021.  Today and every day, toward this pursuit of equitable opportunity and to further a welcoming spirit, we will pursue systemic changes that we are uniquely positioned to address: 

• The availability of critical information in a variety of languages;
• The presence of the immigrant perspective in policy considerations and on oversight bodies;
• The elimination of exclusionary identification requirements;
• The education and oversight of first responders to be culturally aware and trauma-informed in their practices;
• The understanding by individuals, organizations and businesses of the unique contributions of immigrants and refugees and how to best help them thrive and contribute to a welcoming Indianapolis.

We will also commit to providing deeper information for immigrants and refugees on critical topics such as understanding their rights as residents; handling contact with the police; effectively advocating at the national, state and local levels; and other points where newcomers encounter unique challenges.

We are #INThisTogether to ensure that #IndyWelcomesAll.
IWC Board

  • Neelay K. Bhatt, Chair - PROS Consulting Inc.
  • Angela D. Adams, Vice Chair - Adams Immigration Law, LLC
  • Naomi Kwang, Treasurer - Barnes & Thornburg LLP
  • Robert Postlethwait, Secretary - Eli Lilly & Company (Retired)

  • Celia Campbell - JPMorgan
  • Sandro Franchi - Eli Lilly & Company (Retired)
  • Richard C. Miller, Search Committee Chair - E.D. Bullard Company (Retired)
  • M. Jacqueline Nytes - Indianapolis Public Library
  • Amy Minick Peterson - Decorate on Mass Ave
  • Maria Pimentel-Gannon - Necessary Ingredients for a Simple Existence (N.I.S.E.)
  • Mario Rodriguez - Indianapolis Airport Authority
  • Patrick T. Tamm - Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association
Our Core

Our Mission: The Immigrant Welcome Center empowers immigrants by connecting them to the people, places, and resources that enable them to build successful lives and enrich our community.
Racial Equity: Prompted by the intense discourse around racial equity that erupted in June of 2020, the staff and board took time to consider where IWC fits into the pursuit of racial equity. We invite you to read our statement.


The organization launched in 2006 by founder Amy Minick-Peterson following her time as First Lady of Indianapolis where she gained insights into the immigrant experience in Indianapolis and gaps in resources for supporting their integration. She worked closely with Terri Morris Downs, who was the first Executive Director until leaving at the end of 2019 to pursue other opportunities.

The Board of Directors hired an Interim Executive Director to provide space following the departure of its long-time leader. The Interim began in January 2020 and will be in place through the handoff to the new CEO in September.

The State of the Organization

The IWC has been in a state of rapid growth and evolution over the past two years. The Board of Directors established its vision for "IWC 2.0" in late 2018, focused on having a deeper impact on the city's immigrant community. IWC is in a strong financial position and has solid systems for financial management. Programs have evolved quickly in 2020, driven by the urgency created by COVID-19 and opportunities that emerged. COVID-19 provided new opportunities to raise the visibility of the organization and of immigrants overall.

The Board of Directors is active and engaged in supporting funding efforts and to providing appropriate strategic guidance. The highly committed staff is stable with a strong sense of team. We also have a contract-based specialist focused on our Adult ELL Pathways to Literacy project and a bookkeeper with extensive non-profit experience.

The organization's office is at 901 Shelby Street in the Southeast Community Services building in Fountain Square. The staff has worked from home since March 11, 2020. Given the configuration of our offices and the fact that we share the building (including common areas) with a clinic that treats COVID-19 patients (among many others) it is unclear when IWC operations will resume in our office.

Our Work

We think about our work as being in 3 areas: Immigrant Integration, Community Impact and Community Development plus our COVID-19 response.

Immigrant Integration

Through this work we provide assistance across the span of the integration process:

• Information Sharing: As with everyone, immigrants will not access services that they do not know about or do not trust. We invest in having a deep understanding about resources and matters important for immigrants and being about to share those in meaningful ways. Our scope of information monitored and shared ranges from food pantries to attorneys to understanding a curfew. Our primary channel for getting information disseminated is through our Natural Helpers who are immigrants themselves. We also staff a Help Line and are increasing our capability to share information online.

• Naturalization Support: Through our partnership with CitizenshipWorks, individuals pursuing naturalization receive assistance completing their N-400 form and have a free review of their application by an attorney. We also hold citizenship classes both remotely and in-person (based on community health). In the recent past, we have also partnered with legal providers to hold traditional naturalization clinics.

• Advanced Integration: These opportunities include voter registration and education, census participation, and developing one's capacity for self-advocacy as an Ambassador.

Community Impact

IWC holds an important role in the Indianapolis community providing training and development for other agencies who assist immigrants. We want to elevate the capacity for immigrants to receive robust support through many providers.

We do this through regular convening of providers for education and connection, as well as distinct consulting for individual agencies in order to address their specific interests. We are currently in regular contact with approximately 100 other service providers ranging from community centers to cultural organizations.

A unique project in this area is our Adult ELL Paths to Literacy initiative through which we are building the technical capabilities of 30+ English Language Learning providers (80+ instructors).

Community Development

IWC is committed to making Indianapolis a fully welcoming city where immigrants can thrive. This means addressing systemic issues and building a community where differences are recognized and celebrated. To that end, we hold Cultural Humility trainings that prompt participants to build their awareness and sensitivity to different cultures, regularly interact with elected officials and funders in order to keep them apprised of the immigrant experience and what systemic changes would be meaningful.

COVID-19: Community Connect

IWC's COVID-19 response is called Community Connect. We modified regular services in order to adapt to the unique ways we needed to support the community.
• We promoted a dedicated Help Line in multiple languages and secured interpretation via a language line.
• Staff and a group of 7 Natural Helper Specialists (i.e., paid Natural Helpers) conducted Wellness Checks in six different languages.
• A dedicated Community Connect Coordinator was hired. This role has morphed to focus almost exclusively on supporting our volunteer Natural Helpers and temporary Natural Helper Specialists.
• We shifted to weekly training for volunteer Natural Helpers to help them keep up with quickly changing resources.
• We hired a dedicated Resource Coordinator to ensure that we had the best current information about resources and health-related matters and that the information was appropriately disseminated.
• Weekly Partner Power calls launched to pull together other immigrant-serving entities. Even after 13 weeks, these average 50 attendees and include city officials and other leaders who value these meetings as a way to keep current on the immigrant experience.
• Information from our Wellness Checks, Natural Helper calls, Partner Power calls and other sources was compiled weekly into a Community Connect Report that we share with funders, policy makers and other stakeholders.

We were fortunate to receive special funding for our COVID-19 response through the C-CERF (Rounds 1 and 3), The Clowes Fund (special granting), and Cummins.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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