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The primary role of the Community and Parent Coordinator is to facilitate the process of creating a learning environment that supports increased student academic success. This entails working in concert with the principal and the school-community team at KIPP.


I. Community Coordination
1. Coordinate the activities of providers and community partners in delivering programs and services that help increase student academic success and improve the conditions for learning.
2. Attend and participate in the KIPP Indy monthly community council meetings.
3. Support families in building social capital and finding resources.
4. Assist providers and community partners in resolving issues related to service delivery, access and coordination.
5. Develop, monitor, and maintain a schedule of programs and services in the school and coordinate the use of space by providers and community partners.
6. Develop relationships with agencies and organizations whose resources can help increase academic success and improve the conditions for learning.
7. Manage all volunteers in the school, develop volunteer opportunities, keep records of volunteer work, and regularly recognize their service to the school.
8. Serve as a liaison to the community and attend external meetings as needed.
9. Collaborating with school social workers to refer parents and family members to human service agencies and other resource providers.
10. Collect program and service delivery information from providers and partners.

II. Parent Involvement
1. Communicate with parents at the school and in their homes.
2. Collaborate with KIPP to launch and execute parent organization.
3. Begin to develop a parent resource center.
4. Coordinate parent workshops and meetings with a focus on the five areas of reading.
5. Involve parents in school improvement initiatives.
6. Maintain records of parent involvement activities.
7. Collaborate and communicate with principals and teachers on parent involvement activities.

III. School Collaboration
1. Collaborate with KIPP Associate Director of Operations and participate in weekly check-ins and team meetings to maximize results.
2. Cultivate strong relationships with a broad range of stakeholders, including students, families, and staff
3. Collaborate to foster a culture that supports the school's vision and promotes respect and appreciation for all students, staff, and families
4. Develop and execute family engagement initiatives, communications, and events
5. Collaborate with operations team on systems related to enrollment, attendance, and student retention, participating in regular team meetings
6. Collaborate with the social services team to refer students to additional support services (i.e. health services, counseling services, mentorship programs, etc.) as necessary

1. Bachelor's degree in education, government, social service or a related field


2. Equivalent work experience in education, government, social service or a related field.
3. Additional consideration for those who speak Spanish

1. CULTURALLY COMPENTENT. Able to work with diverse parents and family members.
2. RESPECTING COMMUNITY. Demonstrates knowledge of and respect for the cultures of the community served.
3. DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIPS. Develops mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships based upon trust, respect, and achievement of common goals.
4. LISTENING. Listens attentively. Seeks to understand other's point of view and confirms understanding.
5. HIGH EXPECTATIONS. Expresses high expectations for all students, and expresses belief in their potential to complete college and succeed in life
6. INITIATIVE. Takes initiative, going above and beyond typical expectations and making necessary sacrifices to achieve exceptional results.
7. PRIORITIZING. Manages time and resources effectively, prioritizing efforts according to organizational goals.
8. FOLLOW THROUGH. Follows through on commitments and promises with an appropriate sense of urgency.
9. FLEXIBILITY. Demonstrates flexibility when plans or situations change unexpectedly. Effectively adjusts plans to achieve intended outcomes.
10. GATHERING INFORMATION. Gathers information from multiple relevant sources and stakeholders when problem-solving.

Click the APPLY button to submit cover letter and resume by October 31, or mail to:
Angelia L Moore, Edna Martin Christian Center, 2605 East 25th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46218.

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