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  • 09-Nov-2020 to 08-Dec-2020
  • - EDGE 21
  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • $45,000 base annual salary with bonus potential
  • Full Time

The Executive Director's first priority is to empower and develop leadership in EDGE 21 so that each person is better equipped to serve. The Executive Director creates a culture of continuous evaluation that brings increased effectiveness to our work through research, refining and improving current programs. Additionally the Executive Director brings EDGE 21 to other counties in Indiana.


1. Aligns leadership on a shared vision.
2. Creates with the Board of Directors a strategic direction for EDGE 21 (Deployment of human and capital resources)
3. Insists that EDGE 21 has outcome-based goals and measurements
4. Builds opportunities for collaboration and creates collaborative partners.
5. Develops EDGE 21 Leadership
6. Investigates and maintains awareness of Success Coach, counselor, and scholar needs.

Major responsibilities of the Executive Director include:

Leadership - provide creative, strategic leadership to increase and improve services, reach, and effectiveness
• Recommend policy changes for Board to adopt
• Assist Board in strategic planning and in implementing strategic goals
• Motivates board members to become personally involved in EDGE 21's mission
• Hires office staff with an eye toward succession planning in all areas
• Provides professional development opportunities at all levels to promote best practices and potential future leadership

Development and Advancement
• Initiate and maintain relationships with donors, potential donors, professional advisors and community leaders
• Work one-on-one with potential donors and their advisors, as required, integrating donor interests and assuring donor satisfaction
• Solicit new gifts from existing and prospective donors, as appropriate
• Plan events to get public awareness of EDGE 21

Roles- employ the resources of EDGE 21 to address and meet the needs of each role (functional area):
• School Partner
• Enrollment Partner
• Readiness Partner
• Success Coach Partner
• Recruiting Partner
• Progress Partner
• Communication Partner
• Development Partner

Operations - safeguard and assure the full utilization of EDGE 21's human, financial and physical assets
• Hire, train, manage, and evaluate staff members
• Ensure proper records and files maintenance,
• Ensure prompt handling of all correspondence and email and phone communications,
• Ensure operational support for each of the EDGE 21 Partners and their teams
• Manage operations in a manner consistent with the annual budget

Finances – ensure the financial security of EDGE 21
• Maintain close communication with accountants and Board Treasurer to create timely monthly treasurer's reports and year-end financial statements
• Create operational and program budgets for approval by Board
• Facilitate annual audit
• Assist Board in quarterly review of financials

Publicity – be the face and voice of EDGE 21
• Represent and serve as an advocate for EDGE 21 in public, before groups, and with individuals
• Manage regular external communications, including digital media, featuring EDGE 21's grants and activities
• Create and publish newsletters, brochures, and annual reports to share EDGE 21's activities and programs with the general public

The Executive Director encourages life-changing leadership and programming through documentation of individual measurable goals and community impact outcomes.

The role is evaluated on:

The overall success of EDGE 21, the Executive Director is responsible for and evaluated on the progress measurements of Partner Roles in each functional area.
The top three key measures making up 50% of the evaluation are:
• 90% of the eligible 8th graders enrolled in 21st Century Scholars
• 90% of the seniors have complete all of their Readiness requirements
• 6+ Score on Huddle feedback surveys

The remaining 50% of the evaluation are based on:
• Financial security (funding to operational budget) of EDGE 21 to run daily operations (with a reserve) and expand to serve other counties.
• Development of staff and volunteers

• Energy, self-direction, and motivation to seek excellence
• Capacity to work independently, prioritize tasks, and balance short- and long-term goals
• Excellent written and oral communications skills, including experience in public speaking to a variety of audiences
• Solid organizational and interpersonal skills to run the EDGE 21 office
• Analytical capacity to understand and organize financial information
• Ability to work in a positive relationship with volunteer boards and committees
• Knowledgeable about the nonprofit sector and works well with professional peers
• Strong, demonstrated leadership and fundraising ability
• Proficiency in using a computer and basic office equipment to automate office tasks
• College degree

Time Commitment:
The Executive Director is a full time salaried position. Demands for the role will include flexibility in hours worked including evening and weekend events.

ATTENTION: Be Prepared - To assist you and the search committee in discerning your match for this position, we suggest you prepare your responses to these questions prior to hitting "APPLY" to make your application. Applications will not be considered without question responses.

1. What experience or qualities do you feel make you a uniquely qualified match for this position?

2. Talk about a project or program where you had to gain support from others outside your organization and then implement it. What worked well? What would you change next time?

3. Share a circumstance where your guidance as a supervisor or peer assisted a co- worker in improving their performance.

4. What have you found to be the board's best role in the strategic planning process?

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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