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  • 22-Feb-2021 to 23-Mar-2021
  • - Haan Museum of Indiana Art
  • Lafayette, IN, USA
  • Full Time

Job Summary

The Administrative Manager is the key business leader of the Haan Museum of Indiana Art. He or she will work with the staff, Board of Directors and other volunteers to accomplish goals and fulfill the Museum's mission to preserve, protect and share the best of Indiana art and culture.


Essential Functions

•           Manage organizational and physical aspects of the Haan Museum and its collections, with help and guidance from the Board of Directors, and help from other volunteers.

•           Enhance and grow the Museum's reputation regionally as a welcoming place for visitors, members, artists and volunteers. 

•           Seek opportunities to collaborate with other organizations, fostering a partnering reputation.

•           Provide necessary administrative support for documentation of the collections.

•           Develop a marketing plan, and keep written materials, website and social media up-to-date.

•           Seek community-wide participation in every aspect of the Museum.

•           Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to strengthen the volunteer program. 

•           Administratively support efforts to recognize volunteers, donors, board members, and staff.

•           Provide administrative support in implementing public functions such as tours, group tours, hosted events, exhibitions, celebrations and annual meetings, with help from Board, staff and volunteers.

•           Keep financial records current.  This includes processing checks, paying bills, and handling memberships with the help of staff and volunteers.


Joint Responsibilities with Board Committees

•           Provide administrative support to the Exhibitions Committee, volunteers and staff as they fulfill their responsibility to establish, schedule and stage special exhibitions.

•           The Exhibitions Committee will be the lead contact with artists, collectors, and museums regarding donations, loans and other activities closely related to the Museum's mission, with input and help from the Administrative Manager. The Administrative Manager will be the lead contact with current artists and speakers that are not closely related to the Museum's mission.

•           Work with the Finance Committee to produce monthly financials and related reports.

•           Collaborate with the Fundraising Committee as they fulfill their responsibility to develop and implement long-term fundraising strategies and annual financial goals

•           Work with the Buildings and Grounds Committee as they fulfill their responsibility to make major repairs to the building and grounds, and secure and grants to cover the cost. The Administrative Manager is responsible for routine upkeep (i.e., leaking faucet, nonworking toilet) of the buildings and grounds, with notification to Committee. 

•           Work with the Membership Committee to create a program to grow individual and business memberships. Work with staff and volunteers to implement the program, and assure that appropriate communications are maintained.


Minimum Requirements

•           High school diploma required, with Bachelor's degree preferred and 3 years' experience in administrative and managerial roles preferred

•           Nonprofit experience preferred

•           Strong capabilities in marketing and computer skills 

•           Strong verbal and written communications skills

•           Solid organizational and financial skills

•           Development experience in handling annual, capital and/or endowment campaigns is preferred.


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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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