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  • 28-Mar-2021 to 27-Apr-2021
  • - Pathway to Recovery
  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Based on experience and education; starting at $27,040 with additional benefits valued at $21,000
  • Full Time
  • Total compensation package beginning at 48k. Non-cash compensation includes 100% employer paid health, dental and vision benefits (employee only) ($10,200), (Cell $900), (Gas Card $2,100) and Pathway apartment including utilities ($8,100+)

Pathway is looking to hire a long-term permanent key player to assist the Program Director in leading the agency for years to come.  The right candidate will be able utilize the complete compensation package, have a basic understanding of recovery; have the ability to multi-task between program and client management with strong organizational skills and a desire to build a lasting career with opportunities for growth and advancement. Preference will be given to minority candidates. 

Organization Overview: Pathway to Recovery provides housing with support to help formerly homeless individuals overcome addictive and mental disorders to become substance-free, emotionally/mentally stable, financially self-sufficient, and permanently housed.  Pathway houses nearly 100 residents within six programs, with particular focus on the intensive services provided at the entry level program for residents who need the most yet have the least.  Visit

Position Duties:  

  1. Responsible for overseeing, completing, and maintaining accurate and timely resident lease files including income documentation and recertification for all level 2 semi-independent living programs and level 3 permanent housing programs, in compliance with grantor regulations.  Record and maintain all resident lease data a unit roster in worksheets/workbooks. Notify all residents of upcoming lease renewal and or termination status.  Oversee all resident lease communication and maintain record in resident lease files. 
  2. Understand all government and non-government funding requirements and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements as outlined in grant/donor agreements; record accurate client-based data for grantee quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports. Complete revisions necessary to develop and monitor annual goals and objectives per Annual Performance Report.
  3. Responsible for working in conjunction with Program Director to maintain current certification by the Indiana Recovery Residences as outlined via including record keeping and all regulations relevant to Level 3 certification. 
  4. Upon resident admission, complete resident data, annual income statement, rent ledger sheet, add resident to census. Upon resident discharge, provide rent balance and arrange for payments, record forwarding address and work number, discuss follow up contact, complete census exit information.
  5. Input, track, and report program data showing impact/outcomes required for grant compliance along with other information requested by program funders/grantors; supplying all information needed.
  6. Work in conjunction with Resident Coordinator to accomplish the following: 
    1. Monitor and request assistance to maintain clean, organized facility including garage, and closets.
    2. Monitor house maintenance needs to facilitate repairs as necessary within program budget.
    3. Monitor and coordinate proper use of janitorial, paper, and cleaning supplies, within budget and provide supply order to Resident Coordinator monthly.
    4. Label and store former resident property and dispose of after 30 days. Monitor and transport regularly.
  7. Assists Program Director with operations and management tasks as necessary, monitoring all facets of program, recommending changes to Program Director.
  8. Collect and record all resident rent payments, distribute receipts prepared by Program Director showing current balance on a weekly basis.  Discuss unpaid rent balances with former and current residents to create payment plan and resolve balance.
  9. Assist Program Director in preparing/executing operational budget, focused on rent revenue (including recovery works and trustee) and monitor controllable expenses.
  10. Assist Program Director with monitoring petty cash account, balancing regularly by tallying receipts, and recording expenditures. Submit accurate monthly total to Program Director for reimbursement.                                                                                                      
  11. Develop annual goals and objectives and recommend to Program Director. Perform any additional responsibilities as deemed necessary by Program Director.
  12. Serve in an on-call capacity for weekend workers on a rotating basis with other full-time staff members.  Keeping Program Director informed.
  13. Participate in public Relations and Community Networking activities to promote Pathway, as necessary.
  14. Able to respond appropriately to emergencies and make all necessary referral arrangements including contacting Program Director. 
  15. Participate in staff meetings as deemed necessary by Program Director.

Position Qualifications:  MUST HAVE strong management skills and ability to manage multiple areas with strong attention to detail, accuracy and organizational skills.  Prior management experience and experience in behavioral health is helpful.  This position is focused on program and client management; with a preferred working knowledge of word and excel. *If applicant is in recovery, minimum of 1-year sobriety/clean time is required. Must be able to work cooperatively and effectively with others; exhibit appropriate judgment; demonstrate effective listening skills; respond to crisis situations in calm appropriate manner; have strong organizational skills; exhibit initiative with strong work ethic; high energy; attention to detail/accuracy; results oriented; task oriented; time management skills; able to identify/prioritize tasks in need of attention.  Effectively multi-task.  Possess excellent people, client/customer service skills with the ability to interact with respect, empathy, and compassion. Candidate should be able to realize his/her own limitations; possess insight into personal biases and understand areas needing improvement.  Must understand boundaries and ethics related to confidentiality, privacy, and resident rights.  The right individual will thrive in a challenging environment offering ongoing opportunities to impacts the lives of others. This position is perfect for an individual looking to build a career in the field of addiction, and it includes housing, and benefits.  Applicants should note whether or not they are in a position or will ultimately be a position to accept a one-bedroom Pathway apartment as part of the non-cash compensation package.  Preference will be given to minority candidates.  

Additional Candidate Trait Considerations:   

  1. Recognize when things are broken and fix them. They see problems as issues to be fixed immediately; it's that simple.
  2. They're accountable.  They own their work, their decisions, and all of their results'good or bad. They bring their mistakes to management's attention rather than hoping no one will find out. They get things done.
  3. They're willing to delay gratification.  Exceptional employees work outside the boundaries of job descriptions. They're neither intimidated nor entitled; instead of expecting recognition or compensation to come first, they forge ahead in their work, confident that they'll be rewarded later but unconcerned if they're not.
  4. They can tolerate conflict. They're able to maintain their composure while presenting their positions calmly and logically. They're able to withstand personal attacks in pursuit of the greater goal and never use that tactic themselves.
  5. They neutralize toxic people. Exceptional employees control their interactions with toxic people by keeping their feelings in check. When they need to confront a toxic person, they approach the situation rationally. They identify their own emotions and don't allow anger or frustration to fuel the chaos. They also consider the difficult person's standpoint and can find solutions and common ground. 
  6. They're willing to admit when they're wrong and willing to do things someone else's way, whether it's because the other way is better or it's important to maintain team harmony.
  7. They believe things can always be better' No matter how well things are going, exceptional employees are driven to improve, without forgetting to give themselves a healthy pat on the back.
  8. They stay focused on what matters. They can differentiate between real problems and background noise.



  1. Are you able to ultimately accept a one-bedroom Pathway apartment as part of the non-cash compensation package? YES or NO
  2. Do you have any prior experience working with clients with substance abuse disorders? YES or NO

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