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Contract attorneys for the GAL/CASA program either (1) advocate for children's best interests in Marion County's Family Division, which consists of both juvenile and family law cases; or (2) provide direct representation for a child when requested by the court. Contract attorneys are also utilized in the event of a legal conflict of interests within Kids' Voice that prevents a Kids' Voice staff attorney from representing the child's best interests, or in the event that the court requests the direct representation of a child by a lawyer, such as in the case of a CHINS under IC 31-34-1-6 or a CHINS under IC 31-34-1-3.5. Utilization of contract attorneys is not limited to these situations, however. 

Contract attorneys provide legal services to the GAL/CASA Program and potentially to any direct representation program or needs. Contract attorneys must zealously advocate for a child's best interests or wishes, depending on the terms of their appointment and contract. 

Contract attorneys work both collaboratively and independently. Where permitted by the terms of their appointment and contract, internal collaboration may consist of work with social workers, volunteers, and other staff. Staff attorneys must also be able to work independently, managing their own caseload, docket, and volunteers. 

Contract attorneys must maintain good standing in the Indiana Bar and any other bars where the attorney may be admitted and must have a strong commitment to the ethical practice of law. They must have strong interpersonal skills, sound judgment, excellent communication skills, and evince a commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice. 

Key responsibilities include: (1) zealous advocacy for a child's best interests or wishes, depending on terms of contract and appointment; (2) management of cases and docket; (3) appearance and presence at all stages of litigation, including depositions, settlement conferences, and ADR methods; (4) writing and filing reports and pleadings to further the child's best interests; (5) management of volunteers; (6) ensure all records and files are handled in appropriate confidential manner; and (7) properly recording data from cases, which may include demographics, time spent on cases, or other information. 

Qualifications include: (1) a J.D. from an accredited institution; (2) bar licensure in Indiana; (3) ability to pass both a state and national background check, as well as any applicable Department of Child Services background checks; (4) demonstrable interest in child advocacy, juvenile law, and family law; (5) three years or more experience in either family law, juvenile law, or other adjacent child advocacy areas of law; (6) three years or more of trial experience. 

Contract attorneys will be independent contractors and used as needed in situations such as conflict cases, representation of a short or specific duration, where specialized knowledge or experience is needed and other circumstances such as meeting needs when an employee goes on an extended leave of absence. 

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Kids' Voice of Indiana is an equal opportunity employer 

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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