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  • 17-May-2021 to 01-Jun-2021
  • - Indiana Sports Corp
  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Full Time

Position Overview

The Digital Marketing Manager is a full-time position with the Marketing & Communications Department. This position will administer and support marketing and business development campaigns and general CRM operations through Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. The day-to-day activities of this role will primarily involve building and managing campaigns in Marketing Cloud; providing campaign reporting, analysis, and insights on sales and marketing efforts; and working with the Tech Team on best practices and training. The role will also work to develop strategy, leverage key insights and advanced analytics, and collaborate on integration across all Salesforce products. 

General Responsibilities (includes but not limited to): 

• Assist Marketing and Business Development Teams by creating targeted and automated email and social campaigns to increase ticket sales and donations
• Develop and manage systems to integrate data from multiple Indiana Sports Corp constituencies within Salesforce into Marketing Cloud 

• Build, test, and maintain customer maps through journey builder to increase engagement
• Build data extensions to streamline email communications
• Create email templates to be used for specific event campaigns
• Clean, dedupe, and distribute qualified sales and donor leads to increase strategized revenue growth • Assist Marketing Team to utilize various digital marketing strategies to drive conversions 

• Plan and manage search, display, and video ad campaigns in Google, Facebook, and Instagram
• Manage list segmentation for direct mail outreach by Marketing and Business Development Teams
• Develop and execute a fan data capture plan
• Collaborate with events rights holders to utilize data to engage audiences throughout Central Indiana
• Create reporting, dashboards, and analytics metrics to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and support data management, email outreach, and digital strategy
• Work as a lead Indiana Sports Corp staff member with Salesforce Account Manager
• Participate in Salesforce training series and provides necessary training and day-to-day troubleshooting to staff as a member of the Tech Team
• Regularly attend ISC Marketing & Communications and Tech Team meetings
• Grow knowledge through participation in Salesforce certification and trailheads 


• Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Computer Information Systems (CIS), Business, or other related work
• 2+ years experience in sports marketing, sales, database management, or CRM management
• Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist & Salesforce Admin Certifications
• Experience working in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, database management, and digital marketing strategy management through email, texting, and social media 

Required Skills: 

• Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written)
• Comfortability in presenting to large and small groups of people
• Exceptional time management skills, multi-tasking abilities, team player • Ability to accomplish projects independently and within a team
• Excellent interpersonal skills with a high level of professionalism
• Computer skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Salesforce
• Other duties as assigned 

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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