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PRIMARY FUNCTION:  To ensure administrative efficiency and compliance, financial reporting and accuracy, and support human resource objectives. The Operations & Business Manager coordinates, manages, and monitors the workings of operations and administrative functions to support the achievement of agency objectives.


  1. Educational:  College degree preferred.
  2. Experience:  Experience with office administration, bookkeeping, non-profit experience ideal.  Experience in one-person financial office. Must be experienced with QuickBooks.
  3. Personal:  Organized mind, meticulous attention to detail; demonstrated ability to follow through on commitments; regular, predictable attendance; empathetic to older adults.


  1. Responsibility:  Reports directly to the Executive Director.
  2. Supervisory: Supervises part time Business and Office Clerks
  3. Coordinative Relationship:  Must work well with all staff so that agency services are delivered holistically and efficiently.


  1. Financial
    1. Work with contracted accountant to produce monthly and quarterly reports.
    2. Manages receivables for all postings and deposits, ensuring proper recording to accounts. Monitor accounts to ensure timely payments.
    3. Manages payables for all accounts. Acts as purchasing agent.
    4. Reconcile statements for all accounts to ensure accurate and timely reports.
    5. Research and correct problem accounts.
    6. Monitor deviations from the budget and inform the Executive Director.
    7. Coordinate and manage annual financial audit (conducted by outside CPA firm).
    8. Manages the submission of timely and accurate claims to CICOA and INDOT.
    9. Maintains records by grant for all expenditures and reimbursement received.
    10. Manage processes for Medicaid reimbursement.
    11. Assists the Executive Director in preparation for compliance reviews.
  2. Payroll & Human Resource
    1. Process biweekly payroll using ADP (timely, accurate, correct deductions, maintain records on accrual and use of paid time off).
    2. Answer staff question on payroll and benefits.
    3. Distribute 1099's and 1096's at year-end.
    4. Supervise the completion of reference checks, background checks, and other required pre-employment checks.
    5. Maintain organized and complete employee files.
  3. Operations & Compliance
    1. Ensure accurate and timely payment of all quarterly and yearly taxes: business, property, sales, payroll, employment, insurance and federal withholding.
    2. Ensure accurate and timely submission of the 990 (prepared by outside CPA firm).
    3. Manage vendor selection and maintenance of vendor files, including proof of insurance.
    4. Support Executive Director in work with major system vendors (HVAC, sprinkler, and plumbing).
  4. Money Handling & Banking
    1. Supervise the preparation of bank deposits and enter daily deposits (cash and cards) to ensure timeliness and accuracy.
    2. Work with department coordinators to ensure accurate recording of cash.
    3. Maintain an accurate cash drawer.
    4. Immediately report discrepancies to the Executive Director.
    5. Monitor cash accounts (CD's, Checking, Savings, etc.)
  5. Other Responsibilities
    1. Maintain confidentiality in regard to human resource and financial information.
    2. Proactive in meeting the needs of staff in reporting and compliance.
    3. Purchase and track office supplies within budget limitations.
    4. Attend and participate as appropriate in staff meetings.
    5. Answer and route phone calls as needed.
    6. Perform other tasks conveyed by the Executive Director.
    7. Maintain CPR certification.
    8. Receive, review, understand, and agree to follow the policies of Hendricks County Senior Services as detailed in the agency's employee handbook.


  • Must be able to speak clearly and distinctly.
  • Must have visual, hearing and mental ability to initiate, comprehend and communicate written and verbal communication and financial information.
  • Must be willing to be responsible for and maintain job-related supplies and equipment according to Agency policy and expectations.
  • Must be able to operate/acquire the skills to operate office communication equipment and software systems.
  • Must be able to access files and documents from file cabinets.
  • Must be able to perform tasks involving sitting and some physical activity such as light lifting, some bending, stooping and standing.
  • Must be able to perform repetitive tasks such as keyboarding on assigned computer systems.

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