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  • 12-Sep-2021 to 11-Oct-2021
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  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
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The primary focus of the Reemployment Services Manager position is to functionally manage the Reemployment Services (RES) team (3 Team Leads, 7 Coordinators, and 1 Compliance Coordinator) to ensure efficient implementation and coordination of service that includes documenting accurate information for UI claimant. The Manager is expected to manage the day-to-day implantation of reemployment services.  The Manager serves as subject matter expert of all RES and related regulations, policies, and procedures in order to plan, organize, and monitor reemployment service processes and initiatives offered through WorkOne Indy. 

This position will be located at WorkOne Indy and reports to the Director of Career Services. 

To be successful in this role you will accomplish:

  • Oversee the RES team and workflow, develop schedules, assign and monitor work of the RES Team Leads, create, implementation and monitoring of productivity standards for RES Team Leads, RES Coordinators, and the RES Compliance Coordinator (weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly metrics).
  • Work collaboratively with Career Services leadership and the formal management for the RES Employer of Record (EOR) to plan, monitor, and document performance results of team members. Participate in interviews and staff selection.
  • Develop training materials that are in compliance with all policies and regulations.  Train Team Leads on appropriate policies, processes, and assignments so they can in turn train the RES Coordinators effectively.  Training materials include onboarding and orientation materials, ongoing development and maintenance materials, updated and change training materials.  Assist Team Leads in coaching and training methods to make sure all RES Coordinators have the knowledge to successfully complete assignments.  Prepare at a minimum monthly team updates and clarifications to procedures, best practices, and performance expectations. 
  • Prepare and submit weekly reports to the Director of Career Services regarding RES customer pool counts, participation rates, team performance, SWOT analysis, and recommendations to address performance challenges. 
  • Coordinates effectively with other organizations, service providers, and vendors within the WorkOne Indy system as needed to accomplish EmployIndy and WorkOne Indy objectives.  This includes the ability to clearly articulate EmployIndy objectives, Career Service objectives, RES objectives and expected program measurements.  
  • Meet on a regular basis with members of the Career Services team to coordinate the direction and central planning necessary for the successful administration and management of WorkOne Indy programs and services.  Will monitor and report on monthly progress of reemployment services within WorkOne Indy during meetings.
  • Bring suggested implement and/or amend processes and procedures for efficient operations and service delivery to the Associate Director's attention.
  • Serve as a representative of EmployIndy at various internal and external meetings.
  • Results-driven:  Staff member drives organizational impact by taking the initiative to intentionally prioritize tasks, remove barriers, make thoughtful decisions, and produce results.


  • Manage change: Be innovative, display initiative, be willing to take risks, and remain flexible and adaptable in response to a changing work and regulatory environment.
  • Plan and organize work: Be able to plan and organize his/her work and the work of others. This involves the ability to analyze problems, reach decisions, make, and implement plans.
  • Interface effectively with others: (Interpersonal Skills) Be able to work effectively with others. This involves oral communications, professional relationship building and teamwork. 
  • Achieve results: Be results oriented and able to achieve goals. This involves a motivation to achieve, an awareness of the business of EmployIndy, a willingness to learn, and a strong customer focus.
  • Leadership: Be able to assist other team members in the fulfillment of their duties.  This involves the exercise of developed knowledge, ability to motivate others, set goals and monitor results.


Education and Experience

  • Minimum of a four-year degree in education/social service/business or eight years' experience in project management.
  • At least ten years of work experience in an office setting which required independent work structure.  
  • Progressive work history with increasing levels of accomplishment required

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Results driven to meet the mission, vision, and goals of EmployIndy
  • Knowledge of CRM, Google Suite, and Microsoft Office Suite systems
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

EmployIndy grants equal opportunity to all qualified persons without regard to race, color, religion, gender, pregnancy, disability, age, national origin, military service obligations, veteran status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or any other category protected by law. EmployIndy provides equal opportunity in wages, promotions, benefits, and all other privileges, terms, and conditions of employment.


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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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