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  • 12-Sep-2021 to 11-Oct-2021
  • - EmployIndy
  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Full Time
  • Full package of benefits

Position Summary
This position supports the Career Service team and the WorkOne Indy (WOI) location in a variety of roles including updating the WOI dashboard/kiosks, processing PORs, maintaining supplies, distributing supplies, and submitting work order tickets to the maintenance company and cleaning company. This position will also provide emergency facility clean-up when neither the maintenance company nor the cleaning company are onsite. The position will also provide assistance on special projects such as Wednesday@WorkOne, setting up and tearing down the gym for events, and providing AV assistance when needed. The position will also be responsible for distributing WOI voicemail /general inbox and creating keycards for the building. All Career Service staff are expected to be subject matter experts on Indiana Career Connect. This position will be located at WorkOne Indy and report to the Associate Director Career Services. 

To be successful in this role you will accomplish
• Each kiosk and dashboard will be reviewed/updated as scheduled and reflect accurate data and information. 
• Process PORs with correct information including accounts within 2 business days of receipt. 
• Maintain supplies at level consistent with the need of the WIOA/RES Service Provider so that basic items (pens, ink cartridges, highlighters, post-it notes, etc.) are available when requested. Keep track of all orders and inventory and supply a monthly report to the supervisor demonstrating requests and inventory. 
• Monitor the facility repair/cleaning requests at least twice per day and submit work orders as needed on a daily basis. Walk the building at least once a day to verify it is in good working order. Provide cleaning of any emergency situations. 
• Monitor the calendar for the gym and provide set-up (at least one-hour prior) and tear down as needed. Provide AV support as needed. 
• Monitor voicemail and the general inbox every two hours during business hours, distributing requests to the proper service provider. 
• Activate and de-activate keycards for building access and collect equipment/desks keys as requested through the onboarding/offboarding process. Verify that the supervisor has removed materials from the workstation when staff leave. Prepare the workstation for new staff by wiping down and re-stocking basic office supplies. 
• Monitor and upload postage to the postage machine and order supplies as needed so that the postage machine has funds available at all times. Monitor copier supplies/repairs and request service as needed to make sure that at least two machines are always functioning. 

Organizational Culture 
Core Values 
• Empowerment: Management and team members trust one another to make the right decisions. 
• Integrity: Staff member does what he/she has committed to doing and is true to him/herself when no one is looking. 
• Innovation: Each staff member must take an active role in the process of learning, sharing, and building upon personal as well as team members' ideas. 
• Customer Service: Staff members are positive, friendly, helpful, and customer-centric during communications with customers. 
• Collaboration: A staff member understands that working together is what causes a company and each team to thrive. 
• Inclusive: Staff members promotes a safe, welcoming, and equitable environment where fellow team members can contribute one's authentic self. 
• Results-driven: Staff member drives organizational impact by taking the initiative to intentionally prioritize tasks, remove barriers, make thoughtful decisions, and produce results. 

• Manage change: Be innovative, display initiative, be willing to take risks, and remain flexible and adaptable in response to a changing work and regulatory environment. 
• Plan and organize work: Be able to plan and organize his/her work and the work of others. This involves the ability to analyze problems, reach decisions, make, and implement plans. 
• Interface effectively with others: (Interpersonal Skills) Be able to work effectively with others. This involves oral communications, professional relationship building and teamwork. 
• Achieve results: Be results oriented and able to achieve goals. This involves a motivation to achieve, an awareness of the business of EmployIndy, a willingness to learn, and a strong customer focus. 
• Leadership: Be able to assist other team members in the fulfillment of their duties. 

Education and Experience 
• High School Diploma required; some college level experience preferred 
• At least two years of work experience in an office setting which required independent work structure. 
• Progressive work history with increasing levels of accomplishment required

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 
• Results driven to meet the mission, vision, and goals of EmployIndy 
• Knowledge of CRM, Google Suite, and Microsoft Office Suite systems 
• Strong verbal and written communication skills 
• Knowledge of data and data system reporting including Excel Pivot Tables 
• Ability to manage multiple issues while also maintaining focus on daily duties.

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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