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  • 18-Dec-2021 to 16-Jan-2022
  • - John Boner Neighborhood Centers
  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Full Time

John Boner Neighborhood Centers (JBNC) is seeking the Eastside Economic Recovery & Mobility District (EERMD) Director who will strategically lead and oversee community development initiatives to move the community forward. As the EERMD Director, you will engage residents, partners, and organizations across three different neighborhoods to maximize opportunities to create a vibrant and thriving eastside community. You'll play a vital role in improving the Eastside of Indianapolis – and the lives of people living here! 

This is a full-time, strategic leadership position.

Here's what a day as the Eastside Economic Recovery & Mobility District Director might look like:

  • Engaging residents, partners, and organizations across three different neighborhoods to maximize opportunities to create a vibrant and thriving eastside community
  • Oversees the management and implementation of the EERMD plan, strategies and activities in conjunction with implementation partners, funders, stakeholders, civic leaders and neighborhood residents
  • Building, coordinating and overseeing functional committees, coalitions, taskforces and working groups as appropriate for the implementation of the EERMD plans and the EERMD and IEPZ goals 
  • Promoting comprehensive community development initiatives, such as the IndyEast Promise Zone and the 21st Century Talent Region
  • Coordinating efforts with the Near Eastside Quality of Life Planning process, and where appropriate, the Martindale and Southeast Qualities of Life stakeholders 
  • Serving as the primary liaison with the City of Indianapolis and HUD on IEPZ activities 
  • Developing and managing the communication strategies for partners, funders, stakeholders, civic leaders and neighborhood residents
  • Coordinating the vetting of proposed projects seeking preferential points or support of the IEPZ initiative for funding or other resources
  • Supervising VISTA members assigned to the IEPZ and other volunteers Managing the implementation of specific objectives in neighbor defined goal areas  
  • Cultivating an environment of respect, rapport and empathy to foster a culture of care, progress, and community collaboration 

You will thrive in this position if:

  • You excel at engaging a broadest coalition of various stakeholders to achieve strategic objectives. This leadership role is charged with coordinating change and initiating strategic community improvements through and alongside collaborative partners. The EERMD Director will be able to connect with and facilitate planning and collaboration with individuals ranging from government leaders to community partners to neighborhood community members. 
  • You believe in economic development and community improvement. The EERMD Director will be driving initiatives to make our community more vibrant and thriving. You should have a strong understanding of economic development concepts and fundamentally believe that, with collaboration and planning, we can reach strategic economic recovery and mobility goals.
  • You are a strategic leader with a positive, collaborative attitude. We are looking for a proactive, communicative and strategic leader who loves working with people and facilitating conversations.
  • You are a data nerd. You have high attention to detail, are computer savvy, and enjoy managing data. In this role you'll be doing a great deal of coordinating communication and data compiling and reporting. If this role is for you, you are intellectually curious when it comes to data, can work with different data tracking systems, and have a personal commitment to tracking and understanding numbers.
  • You truly enjoy working with people. This is a public-facing leadership role that requires a great deal of communication and collaboration to reach our mission. It's important that you have a sincere passion to communicate with and connect with others.

These are things we are looking for from our Eastside Economic Recovery & Mobility District Director:

  • Bachelor's degree in public administration, public policy, urban planning, business, social work, social justice, social sciences or related field 
  • Demonstrated professional success working as a leader and supervisor in a nonprofit, governmental or public sector field directly related to community development
  • The ability to manage projects, strategically plan, and lead collaborations
  • Comfort with technology, web-based data management, and performing administrative and data-tracking functions
  • The ability to build and maintain relationships with diverse individuals, including our community members, program partners, staff, and others

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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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